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Sunday, October 16, 2005

T-Mobile Commerical Features Cross-Dressing Teen

In T-Mobile's current advertising campaign, a commercial shows a father walking in on his son who is wearing a dress and applying makeup. Without a word, the father quickly shuts the door and leaves. Later, we see the happy family with the boy wearing a dress and looking like a woman. This is unacceptable.

This is the liberal elite's latest attempt to influence the cultural acceptance of deviant and destructive views of human sexuality. Coming on the heels of Time Magazine's article on teenagers's 'coming out', this effort is the latest direction of the homosexual lobby. Having conquered colleges and universities, the next push is your local high school--your teen. Normalizing transgender and homosexual preference is morally reprehensible, here's one reason why:

RightFaith believes that sex should exist exclusively in marriage between a loving man and loving woman; liberal elites view that teens should explore their authentic sexuality apart from the consequence and responsibility that accompany deviant sexuality such as increased STD's, pregnancy, violence, abortions, drug-use, high school drop outs, welfare, poverty, suicide, and the like. Funny that the T-Mobile commercial didn't mention any of the this, isn't it?

Thus, I have written this letter to the President of T-Mobile and encourage all to do the similarly (Link here and feel free to cut and paste):

Dear President Dotson:

As a investor, I am personally offended by your recent television commercial highlighting a cross-dressing teenage boy wearing a dress and applying lipstick.

Your advertising campaign has fallen prey to the cultural myth that homosexuality is accepted lifestyle by Americans. Your sacrifice of traditional values comes at a high cost: the loss of respect and revenue from most Americans who do not support the current redefinition of human sexuality.

I, for one, refuse to do business with T-Mobile unless you immediately pull your current advertising campaign. Until I hear from you, I will assume that you have chosen to remain unchanged and will encourage others to do the same.


Some conservatives believe that efforts should not be wasted upon the inevitable. But, I disagree. Do you remember Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goesto Washington? He said, "Lost causes are the only causes worth fighting." Regardless of hope, some battles simply must be fought.

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