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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Creationists Battle Back

Fighting against Government and secular humanist indoctrination, Answers in Genesis has finally opened their Creation history museum. Several years ago, I was privileged to give about $25 (I think) to this effort.

Finally, there is an established presence to fight back against the years of fear, intolerance, abridgment of academic freedom, preference to communistic indoctrination, limiting free speech, the lack of understanding the difference between endorsement and recognition, the hatred of any authority that questions naturalistic secular-humanism, and the utter hatred to all things that smells faith-based--whether it is or not--associated with Intelligent Design. I celebrate this momentous event in the history of Christianity.

Evolution has more than one unanswered fault. Seven of the 10 Candidates for the Republican nomination are too weak minded to resist the indoctrination they've been served for their entire life--I don't blame them too much, but nevertheless, it exposes huge personal faults.

How can I be so confident? See, to be a good evolutionist, you must believe that randomness produces thought, that chaos produces information, unconsciousness produces consciousness, and non-reason produces reason. Listen to what they say,
"No one, certainly not the Darwinian as such, seems to have any answer to [why...a bunch of atoms have thinking ability]....The point is that there is no scientific answer." --Dawinist philosopher Michael Ruse.
To suggest that consciousness is a product of matter and neural networks contradicts that scientific discoveries of the father of modern neurosurgery, Wilder Penfield who said, "a non-physical reality interacted with the brain". Penfield's findings were later confirmed and built upon by Roger Sperry and Laurence Wood.

Complete naturalism also rejects the findings of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Sherrington and neurophysiologist John Eccles who both spoke of the distinction between the natural and consciousness. Perhaps secular naturalists could explain how a 2001 study of clinically brain-dead people were found to have manifested evidence of consciousness (2001, Resiscitation).

There are no laws of nature that govern consciousness; there is no atom in the body that when removed separates a person from their consciousness. According to their own experts (also Geoffrey Medell and Colin McGinn for example) evolution can not account for consciousness. They can't answer this question, "How...do you get something totally different--conscious, living, thinking, feeling, believing creatures--from materials that don't have that" (I forget where that quote came from).

They've tried and failed to theorize about the relationship of matter and soul; creating mental potentials, panpsychism, proto-mental states. All of these lead to faith (in something) and are quickly rejected.

Evolution simply can't explain human consciousness. Beautifully, it makes complete sense in a Christian worldview. Humans were made in the image of a thinking, fully conscious God. He created us different from animals and more than matter. He imbued the gifts of thought, free-will, and creativity into humanity. Consciousness shows that we are more than just a collection of atoms.

HT: The proudly evolutionistic Boing, Boing.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I believe in God, and I have faith in Him. Because of that faith, and my belief, it's very easy for me to understand and accept evolution. To understand the silliness of a 6000 year old earth. God gave us brains. Why is it some people think that He didn't expect us to use them? To learn, study, explore. To rise above superstitions and fears to explore the world in all His glory. Even when His ways are to provide the world with slowly evolving life.

To those who don't believe in evolution, remember to reject those antibiotics the next time you're sick. They are updated to work on the latest evolution of a disease. And since you don't believe in evolution, you'll want the old antibiotics. Maybe none at all.
Nancy, I'm in no place to judge your faith; however, I can tell you that there is an inconsistency between Darwinian evolution and the Bible. They both can't be accurate.

Darwinian evolution says that death happened before sin. The Bible says that sin happened before death (Romans 5 and Genesis 3).

Furthermore, I can't believe that the world is here as a result of time + matter + chance, which is what Darwinian evolution requires. It just doesn't add up.
Jeff, your understanding of evolution is flawed. Time + matter + physical laws = the perceivable universe.
If God is an almighty Being, Earth and the rest of the universe are mere specks of bacteria for him, and he has as much understanding of our ways and thoughts than we have of the ways an thougths of our earthbound bacterias. how can you personalize an almighty being and presume he has a thoughtpattern that´s humenlike. presumptios. if there is a god, he wouldn´t be able to hear or understand us, because we even have problems understanding mere 4 dimensions. a such, the bible is nothing but book that describes the human striving for a bigger sense and a straw of hope that there is an afterlife where everything is better than here. all stories and metaphors in the bible are mere pictures for your mind, to take them as accurate presentations of scientific truth is rediculous, as is the scientist who says he can explain it all. as a biologist i find god in every molecule, in every organism, because ist a miricale that everything works and fits so well together. why do you amerikans alwas have to put everything in frames and boxes and opinions and quarrels? thats rediculous...
Why are you using Roger Sperry as support for your argument that consciousness is separate from the brain when in fact Sperry confirms nothing of the kind? He constantly wrote that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain and not a separate agent.
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there is no any evolution anymore. we have tech progress for sure, but our minds and souls are the same during few last thousands years. same hatred, same love, same wars...
This is an interesting post. The interaction that followed was interesting too.

Keep blogging!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News

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