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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

About Me

Education, Experience, and "Jefferson Reed"
I work in the center of the culture war near Washington DC. I received my first degree in ministry from an private college and the second in another field from an elite public university. I have about eight years of experience in my field.

Why I blog
I started blogging after watching LaShawn Barber and John Hinderaker (Powerlineblog) on C-span. At the time I was working on a research project for my second degree. They talked about their blogs almost as a labor of love. It intrigued me and I wanted to learn more. I was personally curious to see if I could write to interest myself (not to mention others).

My wife thinks of my blogging as a hobby. I think of it as an outlet for growth; hopefully influence. Blogging is fun; I enjoy it immensely. This community of bloggers is more relational than I was expecting. I grow more intrigued and amazed in blogging. I feel like I’ve only tasted a small piece of what will turn out to be a huge dessert.

Where I Stand
I'm constantly reading, writing, and regurgitating on issues relevant to the Christian faith, family, conservative and traditional values. I love my wife completely, wholeheartedly, tremendously, and forever; she is everything to me. I'm consistently patriotic, pro-military, anti-UN, anti-big government, pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro-stem cell research, anti-embryonic stem cell research, pro-adoption, pro-child, pro-homeschooling, pro-charter schools, pro-faith based organizations, anti-ACLU, and pro-public religious displays.

Also see my statement of faith.

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