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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Composition of Man and Mercy

The multi-aspect composition of man, as in mankind, demands part-specific strategies when nurturing toward maturity. Naturally, the assumption here is that our existence is composed of different layers of reality; they are generally referred to the body, mind, soul and/or spirit.

Body is not difficult to understand for in the mirror, it is in full view. There is no mirror for the mind, thus it is slightly veiled from our full understanding. The mind is our ‘thinker’ and is developed through adding new knowledge or study. But we can neither see it or nor have a full understanding of its complexities. It is hidden, but we know it is there and can grow. Some difficulty has been caused over the distinctions between the soul and spirit and their relationship to the mind. I shall not enter into the complexities of this debate but with a few words.

There are some hints in the Bible as the composition of man but the question of whether it consists of a dichotomous, tri-chotomous, or even quadra-chotomous nature is not clearly answered. Not many would argue that man is made up of at least two parts: what is seen and what is not seen. What is seen is the doer, what is not seen is director. Before something can be done, it must be thought. Before I can lift my right arm, I must say to it, “rise ten inches.” Thought precedes and directs action.

But, in our experience, isn’t there at least a third aspect of our humanity? The mind tells me to turn my head to the right so that I can check out the good looking female that just passed. My body, in obedience to the mind, begins turning its head. Precisely at this moment, another part of me says, “JR, what are you doing? You know these actions that may appear to satisfy your attractions lead only to frustration, disillusionment, and devalue your great worth.”

So, I ask, “When the body, being directed by the mind to look at an object, is redirected by an appeal to a higher morality, what or who shall we say is pleading morality’s case?” For the Christian, some reasonable answers exist: it may be the mind changing its mind; it may be the Holy Spirit of God directing our actions; or, it may be some other part of man.

With a preliminary review, I can quickly dismiss the idea that the mind is directing a new action. First, at the moment in which I understand this conflicting message (look, don’t look), the drive to fulfill the primary action still exists; to argue that multiple or conflicting desires exist within the same mind is possible but not plausible. I suggest this because it does not align with other experience. If my mind tells my arm to rise while concurrently telling it not to rise, what will my arm do? But if something beyond my body is influencing my mind, then I am presented with two options and have a decision to make.

Second, not only does the desire to fulfill the first action still exist, with new and external information I have am a given a choice. Shall I do this or that? Choices are possible within the mind but only with additional knowledge. An example: I can go to the store or school first. Obviously, I can choose either according to my priorities. But, either with a map or knowledge of location, I can choose that going to the school first will save me ten minutes. External information is required to redirect the mind. Here is the lynchpin: from where does external information on morality come? What is the moral map that directs the actions? How can I know goodness, and that to watch the passing female falls shorts of the standards of goodness, except that I understand it from a source outside of the mind? Thus, I have difficulty accepting that the mind acts concurrently as the director and the director’s director.

Second, this new information could be the Holy Spirit of God whispering to Christians, like me, that option B is better than option A. This option is completely viable because God is free to do whatever He chooses and He doesn’t ask for my perspective. The Bible is full examples where the God influences man through His Holy Spirit. I only have one reasonable explanation why I, tentatively, do not subscribe to this except upon an exceptional basis.

REAL-TIME UPDATE (RTU): I had intended to make the argument that it was the Holy Spirit that nurtured a man’s spirit and a third part of man other than the body and mind. This third part would thus influence the mind; but, I have concluded that this thinking is wrong. Let me explain why…

The Bible says that man is not capable of any good apart from God. If good exists (good actions, thoughts, aesthetic, etc), it is because God is good and extends His goodness into His creation. Though man in his condition outside of relationship with God is eternally lost, God has imbued his character into his creation in such a fashion that goodness can be manifested by all people. In fact, it is not hard to imagine a non-Christian doing good; this goodness is, in fact, a testimony of God’s character whether or not the person acknowledges Him.

If both the Christian and non-Christian are capable of goodness, what’s the advantage of being a Christian? [RTU: and it was on this question my thoughts have been changed].

If all people are capable of goodness and of understanding what good acts may look like, then all people are capable of knowing bad-ness as acts contrary to what we know as good. We know that bad-ness is not positive and that goodness is not negative. Our minds may convince us that decision A is better, but when an additional option presents itself as goodness, then we have a choice. If we choose to affirm our mind’s perspective and consent to actions contrary to good, then we convince ourselves of our need for mercy because we knew good and chose to act contrary to it. From whom, then, shall we ask for mercy; whose goodness did we offend? From my experience, is this question that leads to God.

Many look to ledger to compare the number of good acts to bad acts and thus determine that they are in a satisfactory condition. Yet, if only one act of badness shows on the ledger, doesn’t the need for mercy still exist? Our minds rationalize that our goodness justifies our occasional badness; but even if our badness is only occasional, doesn’t the need for mercy still exist? In reality, our ledger, my ledger, shows much more than occasional bad acts.

The Bible says that one of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to convince us of our need for God. It says that the Holy Spirit will, “convict the world of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness, and judgment” (John 16:8). In other words, the Holy Spirit is going to convince us about bad, good, and that we are going to be held responsible for our actions.

The Bible says that mercy is available to those who ask. Don’t miss the opportunity for unlimited forgiveness.

So, is there an advantage of being a Christian? Oh, yes; much in every way. For the time being, it is enough to say that we have been forgiven. In God’s perspective, the bad-acts on our ledger have been removed. The Bible says, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us” (Psalm 103:12).

While this post originally had a different purpose, I suppose I’ve gotten to far off to retrace my steps. So, I save that for another day.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Divine Meeting Places

I have always loved baths. Showers are nice; in fact, my college roommate can attest to my speed and efficiency in showering. But, relaxing in warm soapy water is just terrific. Until this morning, I had forgotten that one of my Christmas gifts was bath salts. After I cooled down from my workout, I took a handful of bath salts, and added it to the warm water waiting for me. I loved every second.

There is something else about baths though: I have grown more in my relationship with the Lord while sitting in the bathtub than I have sitting in a church pew. Isn’t that weird? In church, you might think that you’re closer to God or may absorb religiosity through spiritual transfusion or by osmosis. For Christians, that’s simply not the way it works.

I was a teenager when I started to realize that being a Christian is not about religion or statements of faith. It’s not about showing up at church, doing more right things than wrong, or understanding every mystery of the universe; being a Christian is about having a relationship with God.

In relationships, there has to be an introduction, a period of getting to know each other through dialogue. Commonalities are helpful to encourage the conversation. You talk, you listen, you think, and you consider. The offspring of developing relationships are credibility, trust, concern, and love.

Religion is different from a relationship. Religion is man’s effort to reach God through any variety of means: church attendance, a certain number of prayers each day, read the bible through in a year, etc. To be sure, these can all be expressions of the relationship; but, without the relationship they are empty and useless. Religious actions don’t satisfy our deepest inner need; trust me, I know.

People cannot enjoy a relationship with God—and there is a relationship to be enjoyed—outside of a knowing Jesus Christ and asking forgiveness of sin. Why? Because of our wrong actions, or sin, the words that we would use to talk to God simply bounce off the wall. Just like the juice from a bad orange is bad, the words of a sinner (like me) cannot reach God because he is completely unadulterated by sin. He is free from imperfection. Only through the cleansing process that Jesus Christ provides for sin, can we begin to approach God with our thoughts and words and actions.

This relationship with God is more than asking for favors: Lord do this…Lord bless this…Lord, etc. God wants the Christian to interact with Him; ask him questions and wait for answers. He wants authentic people to read the Bible with authenticity. We don’t have to put on a show for Him—boy, isn't that freeing.

While reading about God in the Bible, I’ve asked Him, “What are you talking about here,” or, “Lord, why is this in the Bible and what does it mean to me?” In spending time (in and out of the bath), I have laughed, cried, got angry, got sad, or blushed—all while interacting with God—just like I would in a relationship with you.

It’s politically correct to say that my relationship with God is personal; and it is to the point that I can’t tell you to have an authentic relationship with God. But, what a load of trash we’ve been dealt by politicians and cultural influencers who seek to save face in the midst of opposition, or who use the ‘god-card’ to their advantage.

My relationship with God is as intrinsic to my life as is my relationship with my wife. I can’t separate the two. I’m a happily married man. I’m not just ‘JR’. I’m JR+1. I have lost my individuality. I love telling people how happily married we are. I love telling people how terrific she is to me and how she blesses my socks off. I can’t keep it in and I can’t even lie to myself about it. When I see a female who I would otherwise view as attractive, I can’t deny that I’m married—it’s who I am. It is a defining relationship. My relationship with God is also defining.

There is nothing special about the bathtub, but for me it’s become more than just warmth and cleansing. The bathtub has become a divine meeting place. Because I have already been introduced, it’s not hard to pick up the conversation where we left off. Sometimes, I read the Bible; othertimes, I begin by praying or asking the Lord a question. I always have reasons to be thankful; and let me share this morning’s with you. For years, I have prayed for that a good friend would also come to know the Lord in a relationship. And, though I haven’t seen him in years, I have just recently heard of his faith. What a reason to celebrate and thank the Lord!!!

I am convinced that any person who genuinely and authentically asks everyday day for a few months, “Jesus Christ, if you’re real I want to know you; please show yourself to me,” will encounter the invitation into a relationship with God. I am certain that when sincere people ask to be sought by the Lord Jesus, they will be.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, what you know, or what you’ve done; meeting God is the most significant decision you’ll ever make. You can learn more about it by clicking here. It starts with an offer of forgiveness and the Lord is waiting to take you up on it. Soon enough, you can have your own meeting place with God.

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Conservative and Happy

I enjoyed this commentary by George Will that was emailed to me. I even chuckled at my pessimism:
"Conservatives' pessimism is conducive to their happiness in three ways. First, they are rarely surprised -- they are right more often than not about the course of events. Second, when they are wrong they are happy to be so. Third, because pessimistic conservatives put not their faith in princes -- government -- they accept that happiness is a function of fending for oneself. They believe that happiness is an activity -- it is inseparable from the pursuit of happiness (cite)."

ACLU & CAIR, Sitting in a tree...

ACLU & CAIR Promoting Islam While Suppressing Christians & Jews

For those who are still not familiar with the group CAIR - the Council on American - Islamic Relations - I'll provide some background information. Founded in 1994, CAIR is headquarted in Washington, DC and has thirty-one chapters and regional offices in the United States and Canada. Of note, CAIR was founded by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahwad, Rafiq Jaber and other former members of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP). Jaber is also the current spokesman for the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation in Illinois; a mosque tied to the IAP and the Quranic Literacy Institute that were named in the 2004 drive-by murder of David Boim. The IAP and Quranic Literacy Institute were ordered by the court to pay Boim's family $156MM in restitution; money that had previously been raised in the US (as "charity" donations) by these Islamic organizations. *US donations used to finance terrorist activities and, subsequently, for the results of said terrorist activities - most interesting.

Note: The IAP has often been referred to as the American wing of Hamas - a terrorist group that has vowed to destroy Israel. Of interest, Hamas senior leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said in a recent interview with Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat: "We do not and will not recognize a state called Israel. This land is the property of all Muslims in all parts of the world. Let Israel die!" Suffice it to say, this is not an organization that has any desire or any plans for peace.

CAIR currently has enough political and "PC" (political-correctness) clout to cow the US political and business establishment. Even though three of its (now former) members were convicted of federal terrorism charges, CAIR has greatly increased its influence in the US. Of note are CAIR's intimidation of the publication National Review to stop [its] running advertisements for the books "The Life and Religion of Mohammed" and "The Sword of the Prophet" and the recent firing of talk-show host Michael Graham from ABC-Disney Radio for making anti-Islamo-fascist comments. Is a trend being established, here? Are all Radio talk-show hosts no longer going to be able to speak against Islamic terrorism? Watch out Rush, Praeger and Hannity! You may be next.

Islamic education in the US (are these Wahabee schools?) also appears to be in the process of attempting to take over US private school organizations - at least in Texas. In 2004, the Islamic Education Institute of Texas sought inclusion into TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools). As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Edd Burleson (Director of TAPPS) had the 'extreme audacity' to ask questions of the Islamic educational organization. Quoting the Islamic Quran, which calls upon Muslims to be violent against Christians and Jews, Burleson asked in a letter containing ten questions to the group: "Why do you wish to join an organization whose membership is basically in total disagreement with your religious beliefs?" and "Why do you wish to join an organization whose membership is basically in total disagreement with your religious beliefs?" As if asking these questions weren't cheeky enough, Burleson went on to ask about the Islamic organization's position on "the spread of Islam in America" and the objectives of the school "in this regard." A week later, Burleson sent another letter that included the question "Do you teach your students to 'Make war on them (Christians and Jews) until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme' (Koran 8:37)?" These questions were enough to bring the ACLU flying to Islam's defense. The ACLU and CAIR demanded an apology from Burleson! It appears that questions directed to Islamic organizations are no longer to be allowed in the USA. However, as we already know, reverse situations are allowed. Christians may be asked any and all questions and are allowed to be brow-beaten unmercifully by both Islam and the ACLU. Christians are not liked nor accepted by Islam. And if we have learned anything at all from its myriad suits against the teaching or even displays of Christianity, neither does the ACLU. Remember the ACLU's threatened suit against the County of Los Angeles, for merely having a small cross on its County Seal? One has to wonder if the ACLU would have threatened the county if the Islamic crescent had been present. Doubtful.

But then, the ACLU is increasingly joining with CAIR on a number of battlefronts and lawsuits. A few of these include the following:

* The ACLU is working with CAIR and Amnesty International (a decidedly in-my-opinion Marxist group) to defend Ghassan Elashi and his brothers who were convicted of terrorism.
* In 2001, the ACLU joined CAIR and other Islamic support groups to challenge the detention of potential terrorists.
* In 2003, the ACLU joined CAIR and other Muslim advocacy groups to challenge portions of the Patriot Act.
* Also, in 2003, the Ohio chapter of the ACLU awarded its yearly "Liberty Flame Award" to the Ohio chapter of CAIR "for contributions to the advancement and protection of civil liberties."
* In 2004, the ACLU joined CAIR in demanding the FBI make its files public as to [its] surveillance of Chicago Muslim groups and 'expressed special concern today over the FBI's targeting of Muslims and Arabs in the Chicago community'. Note: Remember it was two Illinois groups (the IAP and Quranic Literacy Institute) that were convicted of terrorist murder.
* In North Carolina 2005, the ACLU joined forces with CAIR toward including swearing on the Koran (as opposed to the Bible) for Muslims. Note: The push for Shari'a law in Canada has already become a strong force. Will the US be next?

The above cites are only a few examples of the ACLU's increasing alliance with CAIR; an association that does not appear to have any indications of disbanding. Yet, the ACLU's affinity towards Christian groups and Christianity as a whole is nonexistent. Although some may wonder at the ACLU's agenda, I don't. Its current and past actions speak louder than any possible words. Don't believe me? Check the Net, yourself, for ACLU-CAIR alliances. The alignments are there for anyone willing to take the time to do so. I, for one, find it exceedingly troubling.

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve's Op/Ed columns are widely carried by multiple Internet Journals and sites and she also writes hard news. Her columns have, also, appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Boston Star, Massachusetts Sun, Sacramento Sun, in International news publications and on multiple University websites.

Ms. Zieve has been a guest on several radio shows, including The Alan Colmes' Show, and is currently working on her first political book: "The Liberal's Guide To Conservatives" http://www.augustagency.com/authors.htm

Zieve firmly believes that if Leftists ran the country (and left to their own inane devices), it would be the end of the United States as a sovereign nation.

As large of a threat as radical Islam as practiced by al-Qaeda is to the security of the United States, the ACLU is a larger threat. Why do I say that? Because the ACLU is doing to America what the Soviet Union couldn't. They are making good on the promise that Kruschev made at the UN when he proclaimed that the Soviet Union would bury us. They have been doing it slowly and silently over an 85 year period. They do it by opposing everything that is America.

In radical Islam and al Qaeda, the ACLU sees a method by which they can accomplish their goals more quickly. They see the measures being taken to secure the country as a way to further exploit the American public's fears of losing their freedoms. And this is a misconception that the ACLU is feeding. By creating a reason to fear the loss.

The ACLU has been going around telling America that the Patriot Act is an infringement on the Constitutional right to privacy. No such right exists. The only people that should fear the provisions of the Patriot Act are those wishing to do harm to the nation either knowingly or unknowingly.

If you are involved in a terrorist cell you should fear it. If you are involved in funneling money to a terrorist cell, you should be afraid. If you are involved in donating monies to organizations which funnel funds to terrorists and terrorist cells you should be worried. But if you are doing nothing to harm your country, the Patriot Act isn't something that you should fear. The ACLU is.

The ACLU would have you believe that designating 2 minutes at the beginning of the school day for school children to pray, meditate, study, read, or sleep is state promotion of religion. But they think nothing of teaching classes on understanding Islam.

The ACLU objects to the presence of the 10 Commandments on the walls of a court house. But yet they call for the Koran to be used in the court house for swearing in Muslim defendants and witnesses.

The ACLU has a problem with displaying a nativity scene in the town square but they see nothing wrong with witches performing ceremonies there.

The ACLU has launched an assault on religion in America. With just a few exceptions. Islam, Wicca, and the Church of Satan are all ok with the ACLU. But Christianity and Judaism are taboo.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.

France's Moral Supremacy??!

A report commissioned by the President of France's National Assembly has taken a strong stance in defense of marriage! The authors of the report traveled extensively throughout the European Union and North America and concluded, in a 450-page Parliamentary Report on the Family and the Rights of Children, that homosexual unions should not be recognized as marriages, that homosexual couples should not be permitted to adopt children, and that homosexuals should not have access to medically assisted procreation. "Marriage is not merely the contractual recognition of the love between a couple," the report's authors said.

The importance of this report cannot be stressed too much. French voters last year decisively rejected the new Constitution for the European Union. Here, apparently, is another move away from the policies being pushed by the Eurocrats in Brussels. A key to this entire report is a fresh understanding of the right of the child to be raised in a wholesome and stable family environment. So long as the rights of the child are understood in these terms, we can only applaud. That French phrase--vive la difference--is usually offered with a knowing wink. It has always meant, "long live the difference between men and women." It's important to recognize the secular arguments that support the eternal truths embodied in this report. More here--worth the read!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Christians Decipher "The Da Vinci Code"

Is The Da Vinci Code thesis supported, as it claims, by well-accepted historical and art authorities?

Are the four Gospels in our New Testament reliable, or were they invented at the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325?

Aren’t there “other gospels” about Jesus that were suppressed for political reasons?

Did the early church believe Jesus was God, or instead was His status “upgraded” in A.D. 325, as The Da Vinci Code alleges?

Are the virgin birth and resurrection borrowed from pagan myths such as that of Mithras, as asserted in The Da Vinci Code?

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene and appoint her to lead the church?

The Da Vinci Code causes one to question. Where these questions are, there are also answers. You can learn the short and easily read answers to these questions from this excerpt of this reliable source: Living on the Edge.

Blogger Spell-Check Laughter

I find it hilariously funny that Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize words like, "blog," and "blogger." You'd think that it would have at least heard something about the topic!! Maybe it could say something like, "Hmm...that looks familiar." But, no; it's unrecognized. ha!

"Skeptics" Rebuke Evolutionary Dogmatism

"We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged (cite)"
"The statement, signed by 514 scientists...include[s] 154 biologists, 76 chemists and 63 physicists. They hold doctorates in biological sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, computer science and related disciplines. Many are professors or researchers at major universities and research institutions such as MIT, The Smithsonian, Cambridge University, UCLA, University of California at Berkeley, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University, University of Georgia and University of Washington. "

"Other prominent signatories include U.S. National Academy of Sciences member Philip Skell, American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow Lyle Jensen, evolutionary biologist and textbook author Stanley Salthe; Smithsonian Institution evolutionary biologist and researcher at the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Biotechnology Information Richard von Sternberg, editor of Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum – the oldest still published biology journal in the world – Giuseppe Sermonti and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences embryologist Lev Beloussov" (cite)

These individuals are "Skeptical." Unfortunately for them, their intellectual dissent will be derided by those who prefer namecalling and hate-filled dogmatism. Their credibility as scientists will be questioned and their professional careers over. You would think that questioning assumptions and critical analysis would be praised by the scientific community. You would think that a dialogue could be held between those with honest scientific differences. Unfortunate as it is, every evolutionist I have met, read, or had occasion to dialogue, has the cordiality of a rock and the intellectual sympathy of...well, they just don't have it.

Their inability to consider other options is stifled because changing paradigms is hard work. They say, "evolution works and that all I need to know". That's nice, but even if "evolution works" as a theory, its utilitarian value does not prove its integrity. Their pragmatic or utiliarian approach has indeed worked for many scientific and medical advances, but unfortunately, it has also clouded their ability to consider other possibilities.

Where is the dialogue? Where are the evolutionists who are open-minded? Where are the authentic evolutionists who are more commited to the pursuit of truth instead affirming their personal dogmatism? Where are those who might say, "I hadn't considered that before?" For the sake of humanity, wouldn't discussion be more valuable than name-calling?

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Thanks and Blog Reviews

For some time, I've been wanting to recognize some of my favorite blogs and their authors who invest countless hours into making them some of the best reading on the web. I want to personally thank each of these authors for their work and encourage all bloggers everywhere to incorporate them into their blogrolls.

Amy's Humble Musings is some of the most entertaining writing from a pregnant Christian mom married to a rocket scientist. Mixing a quick wit with the ability to laugh at herself and life, I think Amy has got a winning combination. My wife's a big fan too.

Laura at Pursuing Holiness is also near the top of the list. Her easy to read style of writing on topics relevant for Christians makes Pursuing Holiness an essential. She is no intellectual push-over but instead regularly challenges me to rethink my perspective.

Mere Comments is the blog of Touchstone Magazine. I have no idea what Touchstone Magazine is, but their blog is provocative and tackles relevant issues to conservative Christians.

the view from her is a treat. How could you not be intrigued by a single woman who, interacting within a sexualized culture, maintains her Christian faith. Jan's authentic call-it-the-way-she-see's-it style of blogging is hilarious. "Priceless" is how I would describe 'the view from her'.

Alex and Brett Harris, twin teens, have a great thing going at The Rebelution. Not only do they address relevant issues in an easily accessible writing style, they're genuine. Don't be naive; the Rebelution provides quality reading for all ages.

I really like the JollyBlogger. While it sounds like it a movement of happy bloggers, it actually is quite enjoyable reading about issues related to the culture and theology. David's reformed perspective clearly permeates every post in a easy to read style of writing. I like it.

News for Christians is an essential daily read. Robert takes the time to surf through I don't know how many blogs to find the hidden treasures. I'm impressed by both the quality and quantity of writing he highlights. If you want to know what's bloggering in the Christian blogosphere, it's essential reading.

I've been impressed by Writing Right though admittedly I only found out about Stacy's blog last week. It's a good read for understanding culture and recently has given much attention to the homosexual agenda. She writes well; I've enjoyed it.

Speaking of the culture war, there have been a several blogs to place Forward Operations in the Culture War (see right) onto their blog. You can too.

I get my political fix from great sites like Polipundit, Stop the ACLU, Expose the Left, Right Wing News, and Red State.

I've left many out because there isn't time; in fact, there are so many bloggers who are better than me. I love it when someone emails me and asks me to check out their site because, usually, it's great. While I have benefited from the 400-600 who have links to RightFaith, frankly, better blogging is easy to find. I guarantee however that as long I have an audience, I'll continue to do the best I can to make sure that RightFaith is all that we can make it. Also, a special thanks to my daily readers. You're the best readers I could ever hope for.

One last plug. Oneplace.com is the best Christian resource I have found online. Most every Christian or questioner who has ever benefitted from listening to a speaker/preacher will benefit from this resource. Please don't go another day without at least checking it out. I never miss listening to Tony Evans or Ravi Zacharias; what would I do with Oneplace.com?!?!

Bush Satire

I have a profound respect for the President that goes beyond politics or ideology. I will miss him when he's gone. I'll also miss these hilarious parodies here and here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sex, Feminism, and American Culture

Dame Anita Roddick has hit out at pop icons such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears for celebrating the sex industry. The Body Shop founder said she despairs of the "pimp and whore" culture in which pop stars simulate sex and celebrities talk proudly about visiting lap-dancing clubs.

Dame Anita told the Standard: "A lot of people seem to think it's cool to be a pimp or a whore. It's not cool. The reality is dark and evil and appalling and unregulated. The reality is sexual trafficking, which is about young women being forced into rooms to have sex however many times a day so the pimp can take all the money. I don't get it."

Dame Anita, 63, said such imagery, coupled with the multi-million-pound beauty advertising industry, made it virtually impossible for young women to grow up with high self-esteem. She said: "There are thousands of ads mostly focused on women and young girls that say you are not attractive, you are not sexy, you are not intelligent unless you look like this... [in] kids' magazines there is a passivity and a stupidity that is seen as the great way forward.

"And then you hear the statistics that we have the most violent young women in Europe because of binge drinking. I haven't got much hope. Something's gone very wrong (cite)."
I don't find myself agreeing with feminism but Dame Anita has hit the nail on the head regarding this. The sexual revolution of the 1960's was filled with lies--lies that are believed to this day.

Traditionally, sex was intended for marriage, between one-man and one woman, in a committed loving relationship, resulting in children. After all, that’s the way God intended it. The minds of the 1960’s said that this view of sex was an infringement upon your sexual freedom—who is God, family, or church to tell you act in such a personal area of your life. As long people (2 or more) consent without hurting anyone else, you don’t have to abide by anyone else’s standards or authority. Without thought to original intent, consequences, or boundaries, sex was popularized. And it continues to be supported in high school curriculum, on televisions, movies, and dominated on the internet.

The sexual revolution is now so ingrafted into the American culture, that our music now includes graphic sexual sounds. For instance, the "catchy coital anthem "Disco Libido" has debuted at No. 37...proving a song comprising actual sex sounds isn't just an aural tease. With lyrics such as, "Now we must dance, so later we f-," the not-so-subtle single comes from "The Sex Album" by Jessica Vale, released in October. The album's music is composed of sounds of live couples copulating - with some acts performed by the vocal vixen herself.

"People have gotten over the fact that it's made out of sex," says Vale, 27, who heard about her chart position while vacationing with boyfriend and co-producer Ivan Evangelista at Graceland. "Now they can just listen to music and move on (cite)."

But, the sexual revolution was a lie! And our society is literally paying for the consequences financially, but also socially, intellectually, morally, and culturally. There has been an increase in teen sexuality, encouraged by all forms of media, resulting in an increase in teen pregnancy (leading to more high school drop-outs, more people on welfare, more government dependency, increased drug use, more domestic violence). There are 1.3 million abortions per year (that’s how we cope with the unintended consequences of sexual freedom), not to mention guilt and sterility from abortion. Now we have a higher divorce rate (children with absent moms or dads), homosexuality, push for homosexual marriage, epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, destructive gangsta rap, and increased sexual violence. The lie progpagated by the sexual revolution was that nothing mattered except self-gratification and personal authenticity; now we reap the consequences.

Linked: News for Christians

Examining the Complex Relationship between Christians and Homosexuals

The following is Appendix A to the Current Series, “American Education: A Crisis Demanding Leadership.”

The primary manifestation of America’s culture war concerns the topic of homosexuality. Targeted by homosexual groups are state and federal civil rights statutes, non-discrimination policies of private organizations, non-profit civic organizations like the Boy Scouts, the free speech of those with dissenting opinions, the education of school children, full acceptance in churches, synagogues, and mosques, and, most popularly, the definition of marriage. While people of faith are not the only obstacle standing in the path of the full implementation of their agenda, Christians, Jews and Muslims are often targeted as ‘bigots’ and ‘hate-mongerers’ for their consistent opposition.

“Hate” is propagandist language used by gay people who manipulate the public. It is an imprecise term used to create the appearance of minority victimization. Homosexuals using this type of language lower the dialogue to a strictly emotional level hoping to influence the debate using the great sympathy and compassion of the American people. I strongly reject this language and state clearly: Christians do not “hate” homosexuals.

(Whether or not homosexuals hate Christians is for the reader to decide; consistently reading the homosexual writings about people like Focus on the Family’s James Dobson may be enough for the reader to decide.)

The relationship between Christians and homosexuals is too complex to reduce to an emotional word like ‘hate’. We have strong disagreements on many levels. Often, the Christian’s emotions are involved but not because of negative emotions toward homosexuals, but because of our strong positive feelings regarding the significance of the family, the future of our nation, and the health and well-being of children.

Christians are just people who believe God exists and has provided the manner in which we may relate with him. Christians having no claim to perfect actions, but we do claim that the Bible establishes a perfect standard. The authority of the Bible in telling us what is good and bad is supreme to Christians.

The Bible is an ancient text and can be confusing; reading the Bible requires some explication. Sometime the Bible is explicit (clearly states) or implicit (from which we derive principles). Luckily, most of the Bible can be interpreted without confusion.

One topic that the Bible discusses at great length is sexual relationships. God created sex; and, in the Bible He outlines the parameters for sexual relationships. Either from God or from neighboring nations, biblical people were well informed about all of the “variations” of sexual relationship. Because they were not ignorant, the Bible is very explicit regarding sexual acts.

“Sexual immorality” is mentioned not less that 27 times in the Bible; each time, it falls outside of the parameters for God’s design. The only task left for the Christian is deciding how “sexual immorality” is defined.

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible affirms that homosexuality does not fall in within the parameters of God’s intention for sexual relations. Because of the Bible’s clear teaching, it is incorrect to affirm homosexual relationships and maintain the authority of Scripture; they are mutually exclusive. Christians call actions contrary to God’s standards “sin”. Sin separates humans from their Creator.

An important Aside
It is of UTMOST importance that preceding any discussion of the sin of others, Christians are first to examine their lives and ask forgiveness for personal sin. Rooting out agreement on a certain type of sin is secondary to acknowledging that we are all dependent upon God’s grace. Without this step in humility, intellectual correctness often becomes the goal instead of love and restoration with God. Aside complete….

The words used in the Bible relating to this specific type of sin are as follows:
Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman (Leviticus 18:22).

If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. (Leviticus 20:13).

Because of this [idolatry] God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another (Romans 1:26,27).

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders…will inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9,10).

Law is made not for the righteous but for law-breakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful,...for adulterers and homosexuals…(1Timothy 1:9).

Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire (Jude 7).
If a Christian maintains the authority of Bible in determining ethical issues, then they have no choice but to reaffirm the statement held within it. Would we like to consent to unlimited freedom including the morality of homosexuality? Not necessarily, but given our presupposition that God determines what is right and wrong and communicates this through the Bible, then the Christian is left to faithfully respond.

Standing on the authority of the Bible is incredibly freeing for the believer especially in an environment where people are viewed as “hating homosexuals” (see above). Our personal opinions really don’t matter; faithfulness to the Bible is all that remains. Concurrently, the believer must not pick and choose from the Biblical mandates; to do so would open him or her up to the claim of hypocrite in this world and the next.

This is the foundation for the Christian perspective of the homosexual lifestyle.


Just in case you missed it above, Christians do not hate homosexuals. The Bible never condones hatred of any person for any sin; instead, the Bible says that we are love our neighbors (generically speaking), including homosexuals. We can not pick and choose which Biblical mandates we follow.

Personally, I’ve known, touched, sat next to, enjoyed conversation with, hugged, shook hands, had lunch with, slept in the same room (large room-lots of people) all with homosexuals. I have no personal animosity toward any person simply because they are a homosexual.

However, Christians who believe in the authority of Scripture and thus believe that homosexuality is a sin are saddened by the personal choice of anyone who continues to actively engage in a homosexual lifestyle. Why? Just like it saddens the heart when a child dies from a preventable sickness, it saddens the Christian when the sickness of sin leads to separation from God. Nothing in the world is more saddening to me because restoration of the relationship is available.

No, I’m not saying that. Thankfully, it is not my job to determine who gets into heaven or not. What I do know is that only through Jesus Christ can a person be with God in heaven. You can learn more about this relationship here.

There are different types of homosexuals who claim to be Christian. There is the homosexual who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong (or who doesn’t identify sex in these terms). There is the homosexual who understands the difference but doesn’t really care and wouldn’t care even if God came down on a cloud; in rebellion, this person may simply justify away the principles of the Bible with hermeneutical intellectualization of sin. And, then there is the homosexual that understands the Bible, the meaning of sin, and struggles to do what is right.

I am certain that God knows each person’s heart and understands human weakness. I believe also that He understands the difference between the humble person who struggles with sexual sin and the person who rebels against Him. And, I trust Him that he is able to make the decision about who gets in heaven.

By homosexual agenda, I am referring to the push for changes in state and federal civil rights statutes, discrimination policies of private organizations, the free speech of those with dissenting opinions, the education of school children, acceptance in churches, synagogues, and mosques, and, most popularly, the definition of marriage.

Christians experience God coming into their heart and changing their lives. The things that characterized their previous way of living (anger, fear, envy, greed, pride, etc.) start to change and be replaced with love, right decisions, and begin to have their perspective shaped by God and the Bible. As this enjoyable relationship with God continues, His character integrates into our lives and it begins to manifest itself in our actions and our decisions. Thus, we find ourselves disagreeing with the way we used to see things. We are not perfected, but we change. I know this sound foolish to non-Christians, but it’s true.

So, taking the biblical principles discussed above, the Christian is left to answer questions like, “Does God approve of homosexuals marrying?” “Does God approve of our children being taught that gay sex is acceptable just like straight sex?” “Does God approve of creating a new category of people based upon sexual orientation?”

If the Bible didn’t speak to the issue of homosexuality, homosexual marriage would be legal tomorrow. But because it does, the Christian should stand for righteousness as God defines it.

Well, not exactly. Nothing a Christian can do creates a theocracy. When God wants a theocracy, He’ll create one regardless of any person’s opinion.

God establishes national leaders and human authority; in America we live in a Constitutional democracy. Running a nation like a theocracy contradicts the idea of a Constitutional democracy. The answer, in short, is no.

Christians do have a responsibility to act in a manner that pleases God. God takes personal and civic responsibility seriously. Therefore, voting, paying taxes, contacting legislators, and running for public office do take on a new dimension. In the exercise of our personal or civic responsibilities, I believe that God would not approve of the Christian acting in a manner that promotes unrighteousness.


No. I mean, if biblical authority is sufficient, great. But for others, when it comes to the gay agenda, there is overwhelming evidence that the implementation of the gay agenda violates what is in society’s best interests. Therefore promoting the gay agenda become an exercise in promoting a personal gratification instead of the common good. Let me explain…

What non-partisan, non-religious scientists, doctors, sociologists, and researchers have found is that the parameters regarding sexual relations found in the Bible might actually be best for society. While they don’t cite biblical references, they report statements like, ‘children do best in a two parent, man-woman, loving relationship’; ‘sex with animals is not a good thing for society’; ‘polygamous marriages should not be condoned’; ‘sex between relatives isn’t good’. What they have found is that the parameters that God establishes are there for a reason: our society functions best when we abide by the standards that He created for our society.

Doesn’t that make sense? God’s creation functions best when it operates as He intended it to operate.


Research often contradicts research. For example, the appendix along with 180 other parts of your body, were considered vestigial (or functionless) in the early 20th century; today both the appendix and virtually all of the 180 other parts are considered highly significant [for the appendix especially during the fetal and neonatal periods] to the body’s operation. Yet, for much of the past 100 years, research contradicted research. It wasn’t a pointless process, but there were differences of opinion.

I suggest the same is true for matters related to the gay agenda as well. Research is helpful even when it contradicts other research but not by creating consensus, but rather by creating discussion regarding these differences.


Based upon the authority of Scripture, homosexuality is sin—not a super-sin. It can be forgiven just like any other sin. Christians who hate homosexuals are also sinning against the commandment to love their neighbor.

I believe it is the responsibility of Christians to exercise their personal and civic responsibilities in manners that please the Lord. Christians approving of homosexuality or the homosexual agenda contradict the principles of the Creator laid out in the Bible.

There is way too much escalated rhetoric when it comes to discussing homosexuality as public policy. Hate, love, feelings, sex, and all emotions are irrelevant in discussions of public policy.

Regarding the gay agenda, I believe communities (cities, states, nation) should have the right to establish through the democratic process what is best for their communities and not be forced by judicial fiat to violate their moral beliefs.

Now, continuing with our series on education, Gay Activism in Public Schools…..

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Monday, February 20, 2006

When to Censor High School Texts

When do we censor books? Certainly we censor plenty of other things in the American high school. Why not Girl Interupted, which is described this way:
"It's a book about an 18-year-old,' Heath explains, 'who ends up in a mental asylum and has a number of conversations with mentally disturbed people -- conversations of the most graphic sort, especially sexual. The f-word [appears] 30 times in one page, and this is being given to freshmen in high school as literature. It's absolutely horrifying (cite).' "

"One nation, under the ACLU..."

If the inalienable rights endowed by the Creator were the foundation for the separation of the colonies from England, shouldn't the ACLU support the dissolution of the (now) states under which they may be re-incorporated as an atheistic union?

The ACLU, the democratic party, and other secular progressivists want to turn America into Europe (with all it's licentiousness, soft-communistic agenda, and the notable absence of God). This explains the reason that John Kerry, in his failed presidential attempt, was fond of repeating that we need to admire our European counterparts. His obsession, and the obsession of certain members of the supreme court, with foreign governments expose their hatred of America and its principles--and the foundation of those principles.

In this most recent example, the ACLU is using fear, intimidation, and the threat of a lawsuit to save children from the Bible:
The civil rights group says only that it is gathering information. But its interest alone may bring significant changes as educators examine what the classes teach and, perhaps more importantly, who teaches them (cite).
My message to the local school board: "Go to the mattresses." You must fight them and never give up; you must refuse to back down just because of a lawsuit. Their intimidation must not be allowed to influence school curriculum. You will gain the admiration of your community by fighting their radical, secular progressive agenda.

Schools are not political institutions; they are educational. Allowing the ACLU to determine the curriculum of the schools instead of parents and teachers undermine the democracy that our founders established.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Homophobic" Dissenters Will Be Guilty of Murder

Yesterday, I reported that people who dissent against homosexuality will increasingly be accused as accomplices in the murder and suicide of others.

TODAY, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation (the Task Force) places the blame for the shooting spree at a gay bar onto Focus on the Family's James Dobson, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, and Rev. Pat Robertson.
In a statement issued after the shooting at the bar, Matt Foreman, Executive Director National Gay and Lesbian Task Force said, "The hatred and loathing fueling this morning's vicious attack on gay men in New Bedford is not innate, it is learned. And who is teaching it? Leaders of the so-called Christian right, that's who. Individuals like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, the Rev. Pat Robertson and their ilk are obsessed with homosexuality" (cite).
"The Massachusetts pro-family group Article 8 Alliance responded to the accusations saying, "It's now becoming clear that homosexual activist groups intend to use this incident as a springboard for a vicious and cowardly series of attacks on anyone who publicly criticizes the homosexual movement -- similar to what happened after the Matthew Shepherd incident."

"Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for Focus on the Family told LifeSiteNews.com, "it's unfortunate the taskforce would use this tragedy to attack us and make a political point." Schneeberger described the incidents as "the act of one troubled guy", adding that lumping in Focus, FRC and the other pro-family groups in with the tragedy is "irresponsible and somewhat reprehensible (cite)."

Do you know who else is preaching this message of love towards homosxuals, every Bible preaching pastor in America. That's right, churches will soon feel the brunt of this well-organized and funded homosexual movement. Coming soon to America, dissenting opinions will no longer be permitted.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fighting Gay Activism in Public Schools

This is part five in the series, "American Education: A Crisis Demanding Leadership."

If you can conceive of a way that sexual orientation can be introduced into the curriculum, so have homosexual activists. They are way ahead of you.

Starting in kindergarten, expect that your child is continuously exposed to homosexual indoctrination through various means:
Curricular Stories with 2 daddy families (for younger kids)
Library books (for older kids) highlighting 'coming-out' teens
Explicit sex education curriculum
Homosexual guest speakers to your child’s classroom
Scripts for your child to act as a homosexual character in a play
Instructional and documentary homosexual videos
School newspapers lined with pro-gay articles
Pink and Rainbow “Safe Zones” to discuss personal sexuality
Forced non-discrimination policies
Tolerance of the gay lifestyle via the rhetoric of "Safe Schools”
Gay-Straight Alliance extra-curricular clubs
Sexually explicit handouts straight from gay activist
“Days of Silence” protesting 'homosexual victimization'
If you think that gay-marriage is the only target of homosexuals, you are dead wrong. The children you know are in the sights of every gay-rights group, at tax-payers expense of course. (More detail on their tactics here).

One Quick Example...
These uninformed North Carolina parents were outraged when the "Exceptional Child Seminar" they sent their son to was used by two homosexuals to promote their gay lifestyle. The seminar leaders admitted their agenda,
"In doing the New Gay Teenager seminar, my ‘agenda’ was to shed light on an interesting way of looking at sexuality and to talk about my personal experience [as a practicing homosexual]. … I believe my agenda succeeded. And I believe that people are better off for it. I could be wrong … but it’s my agenda and I’ll tout it if I want to. We all have our agendas.”
Parents, taxpayers, traditionalists--you are losing the battle for your child's public education.

There are three parts to this post. 1. How to investigate your schools; 2. What to do about what you find; 3. What to expect when you fight back.

1. Look at your child’s curriculum; DON’T BE SATISFIED WITH TEXTBOOKS. To really understand what your child is learning, ask to see the Teacher’s Edition to every text (English, science, civics, history, and reading). The teacher’s edition will be the one where leading questions are provided for students, where suggested activities, and even worksheets will be provided. Look for words or programs like “Tolerance,” “Diversity,” Anti-Bias, Anti-Bullying or “Multi-Culturalism.” Sometimes it’s as part of a study on “differences,” or “different types of families”.

2. Ask, in writing, to be informed when every school assembly is, who is speaking, and the purpose of the assembly. Ask to be notified of changes via email.

3. Ask to see the anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying or “safe schools” policy (for both hiring and student life) to see whether ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’ are included.

4. Ask if teachers, staff, or administrators are required to attend training on “diversity,” “tolerance,” “sensitivity”.

5. Search the library’s catalog for topics on sexuality. Input words like, “sex,” “coming out,” “gay,” two daddies/mommies,” and review the results. Ask the librarian how easy it is to influence or add to the library’s collection. Ask what happens if free books or videos arrive in the mail, “Will they be added?”

6. Learn about the “school partnerships” or relationships with the community. Some districts, believe or not, have formal relationships with homosexual activists. Ask administrators and teachers on every level if these relationships exist (popular activists include GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; and PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

7. Ask from whom the school receives state, federal, or private grants; and, the purposes of those grants and how they are implemented. Here are some programs to be aware of:
Federal Funds
Federal grants for “safe sex,” “safe schools,” “tolerance,” or “anti-bias” programs may be the funding sources of pro-homosexual lessons in your school district. The agencies most likely to give money to your school for objectionable programs are:
1. Centers for Disease Control, Adolescent Health for health education or HIV education. This often translates into instruction in homosexual sex practices in the classroom.
2. U.S. Department of Education, under the “Safe and Drug Free Schools” program, grants to “prevent hate crimes” are given to schools. This can include education to prevent crimes centering around sexual orientation. These funds have been used for a variety of “tolerance” and “anti-bias” curricula. Some funding under this program may be given as a block grant to a “Safe and Drug Free Schools” department of your state Department of Education, which then makes grants to local schools in your state.
3. U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice office-- This agency often teams up with the USDOE to fund “Safe Schools” programs. One of these is called “Civil Rights Actions Teams.” It’s a “peer mediation” project, where kids monitor their classmates at the middle school level, including watchdogging and then reporting on overheard “homophobic slurs.”
4. National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) and its agency SAMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) sometimes make grants to states and local schools. This may or may not pertain to the area of sexual orientation or counseling.

State Funds.
As mentioned above, state agencies are often “pass through” mechanisms for federal “safe sex” and HIV education grants, which almost always include details about homosexuality and imply acceptance of and “safe” management of high risk-behaviors. Your state’s Department of Health may be the agency through which health education grants come like this. Sometimes, they come through the state Department of Education. Occasionally, a county health department may be the source of a program on HIV/AIDS education at a local school.

Private Funds
Some public schools now solicit or accept private grants to fund a variety of projects. This varies too widely to provide any guidance except to watch for this as a source of possible funding for HIV/AIDS education, “violence, anti-bias or anti-bullying” prevention, which may include lessons to accept homosexuality. Even some “character” education programs may include acceptance of homosexuality (cite)
Your administrator may be pro-parents or pro-homosexual activists; don't go in with assumptions. The battle is not necessarily with school administrators; their main goal is to avoid lawsuits. Your battle is against pro-gay activists who are continuously filling administrators with fear and misinformation. Your primary role should be to educate your administrator. Help them to consider the Legal Liability associated with homosexual education and gay-straight alliance clubs. Here is a discussion of the legal liabilities specifically for California schools though it has application to many districts.

Email your teachers and administrators every week with links to significant education/gay-rights court cases or with scientific studies that refute the gay-activsts propaganda.

Anti-discrimination policies are fine until they become a tool for forced propagandizing and proselitizing. Unfortunately, once these acts have been adopted, almost any action can be justified in the public arena. In education, these policies are harmful to students. Concerned Women for America outlines 15 reasons these policies are harmful, here's a few:
"Sexual Orientation" codes are used to discriminate — and propagandize — against students and groups (like the Boy Scouts) that oppose homosexuality.
"Sexual Orientation" codes encourage homosexual teachers to be "gay" activists in the classroom, and to proudly discuss their homosexuality with students.
Schools can protect all students from bullying through blanket protection policies that do not specify special criteria, groups or behaviors. Educators can make their schools safe for every student without promoting the acceptance of homosexuality.
At school board meetings and meetings with school principals, push for a school policy requiring parental permission before students can attend, join, or participate any extracurrciular club or activity. Find here an outline for this policy and here a cover letter requesting its implementation. It is a parent's right and responsibility to know what their child is doing outside of the classroom. UPDATE: A Georgia bill may require Parental Permission for all schools.

Every activity, every class, every speaker, every book, every-everything in the school that promotes homosexuality may be balanced by an opposing perspective. Opposing balance is to restrict freedom of speech. Let's say that your school hosts a pro-gay assembly speaker, then you should communicate to the principle and superintendent that you will be contacting the National Education Association (NEA) Ex-Gay Educators Caucus, the Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays (PFOX), or Exodus International Ministries, for an opposing perspective that you expect to given equal time. Propose a policy, sample here, that explicitly states the need for balance in all sexually-related curriculum. Here's a success story for encouragement.

Or consider the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs; well, ask your student to start to a straight/ex-gay club.

If you find that your child’s school district is pro-gay indoctrination, notify the teachers, nurse, assistant principle, principle, and superintendent, of your request for your child to be excluded from any and all assemblies, texts, programs, seminars, lectures, and events, that relate directly or indirectly to sexuality, gender identity, gender development, sexual orientation, or homosexuality. This should explicitly include references to bullying, tolerance, sex education, or any incidental references to sexual orientation in the curriculum or core subject. Though this example is for California, it provides a good foundation for your notification

Besides being the only completely effective prevention to pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases, abstinence-only policies are effective in limiting the discussion that promotes sexual activity. Because homosexuality is a behavior that cannot exist without sex, then its discussion or promotion is a violation of these policies.

Push for a district or state-wide abstinence-only sex education policy. In Texas, a federal judge said that the recognition of a Gay-Straight Alliance extra-curricular club undermined the districts abstinence-only policy (more here). In Virginia, delegates are considering a bill that explicitly states that clubs that promote sexual activity violate the state's abstinence only policy (more here).

Write your local churches and newspapers to inform them of what local school children are being taught. Here are some great brochures for church leaders.

While your goal should always be to work alongside administrators, should you encounter hostile opposition, resort to public opinion. Remember, everywhere gay-marriage has been put to a vote, it has been soundly defeated. Most people are against the gay agenda; you have the support of your community. Again, your role is to inform them via the newspaper, local blogs, word of mouth, door-to-door canvasing, school board meetings, parent-teacher association meetings (don't expect friendlies here), radio call-in shows, whatever works!

Parents who care about traditional values, will either choose to fight back now or forever lose the battle for public education. Unfortunately, it is an unending battle that begin anew each school year, each grade, each new principal and teacher.

Be armed with facts. I’ve listed several medical resources in the first section of this post that show the dangers of homosexuality and expose some of the mythological messages being taught. Here is another resource.

This battle is not for the faint at heart. Standing up for your child and rights as parent, you will be called names like 'homophobe,' 'liar,' and 'bigot'. While you simply want to protect your child, this is their life's purpose and cause; they are very passionate people and will exert all efforts to discredit you. In these struggles remember the words of Wendell Phillips, "Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is much higher and truer courage." Be brave when viciousness abounds.

PS Get involved with other issues too. Your child and your child's teachers and administrators need you throughout the year for a variety of reasons. This issue is significant--perhaps the most significant--but be supportive of their entire education while your child is enrolled.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

SCOTUS Meets to Discuss Partial Birth Abortion

"[Today] the Supreme Court of the United States will meet in conference to consider the partial-birth abortion case out of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. [The ACLJ has] filed a brief with the Supreme Court supporting the position of the Justice Department. The Justice Department has now filed two briefs urging the Supreme Court to grant review in this partial-birth abortion case. In 2000, the Supreme Court considered a state ban on partial-birth abortion and ruled 5-4, declaring the ban unconstitutional. The pivotal swing vote in that case was Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

"With the resignation of Justice O'Connor and the confirmation of Justice Sam Alito, I believe that we will have the necessary votes to carry the day. This is the most significant abortion case the Court has taken in the last decade. This is the first time the Court will consider an abortion case with the additions of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.

"In order for the Court to grant review, four Justices have to agree to hear the case. In order to prevail, we have to obtain five votes on the merits of the case. With the Court conferencing the case today, it is likely that we will get an order on Tuesday morning. We will keep everyone posted(cite)."

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Bob Casey Gains Revealing Endorsement

Senate hopeful Bob Casey gained a most revealing endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign. Far from being organized to fight genocide and feed the poor, the HRC is a powerful extremist group, organized to support the secular progressive ideology of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders. Now, they've chosen their Senate Candidate in Pennsylvania: Bob Casey.

Bob Casey’s commitment to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. One of the first actions Casey took when he was elected Auditor General in 2001 was to implement a non-discrimination policy for his office that included sexual orientation. He opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment, and any attempt to amend the U.S. Constitution to deny rights to same-sex couples and their families. He supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as well as the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and believes that adoption decisions should be made without prohibitions or limitations based on the sexual orientation of the parents [emphasis mine](cite).
According the HRC, Bob Casey wants to criminalize thoughts and morals through hate-crimes legislation; evidenced by his implementation of non-discrimination policies, Casey holds in contempt the freedom of speech of individuals with dissenting opinions regarding homosexuality. He's against limiting the definition of marriage to one-man and one-woman, and against limiting adoptions to what research shows is in a child's best interest (one man and one woman in a loving relationship).

This radical group--that definitely does not represent the average Pennsylvanian--has aligned themselves in support of Bob Casey. That's all I needed to know; I'm definitely not going to.

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"God" in Your State

Live in Oregon? If not, you live under a State Constitution that acknowledges God. Thanks to the good work of Michael Novak and Ashley Morrow at First Things for compiling this inspiring list.

The Lord is Definitely Process Oriented

Those who know me or who have taken the time the read the "About JR" link know that I'm looking for a job. The Bible says that He has a plan for our lives and that I can trust Him. But, today I almost lost it.

I found a job that I was very interested in and qualified, which produced a bit of an emotional/excited response. So, I spend about two hours this morning tayloring my resume and cover letter, filling out the online application, attaching my documents.... Finally, it's ready and I click submit only to read:
"We are no longer accepting applications for this position."
Reponse Number 1: Ahhhh!!!!! (face in hands; loud groaning noises in an otherwise quiet, public place producing strange looks; hands shaking head of hair vigorously).

time passes....

Response Number 2: "Lord, what in the heck are you doing wrong?" (Sense of immediate fatherly correction, "I'm not doing anything wrong.").

time passes....(standing up, walking around)

Response Number 3: Ok, if you're not doing anything wrong, then maybe I am. Or maybe I just don't get WHAT you ARE doing. (laughing aloud; another spectacle causing event) Do you get a big kick out of me trying so hard to find a job and detailing my application for hours only to be rejected because it's simply not your will? Are you laughing at me? (another opportunity for corrective, fatherly discipline, "Why would get pleasure in mocking you?").

time passes....

Response Number 4: Well, if what you do, you do perfectly then how can I align with what you're doing....Lord...you there?

time passes....

....I'm going on a walk.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thought-Control in Ohio Schools

I'm very unimpressed by "educators" who fear the critical evaluation of evolution opting instead for a form of censorship and thought-control. Let me explain...

The Ohio Board of Education voted 11-4 against allowing a critical analysis of certain aspects of evolution. They did NOT vote against intelligent design; they did NOT vote against creationism. They voted against the directed inquiry into the sustainability of evolution.

Sometimes educators love academic freedom; other times, they hate it. Rarely, do they throw it out the window. These poli-educrats chose to desecrate the educator's sacred responsibilty--free inquiry.

This is one more example of fear, intolerance, abridgment of academic freedom, preference to communistic indoctrination, limiting free speech, the lack of understanding the difference between endorsement and recognition, the hatred of all evalution of naturalistic secular-humanism, and the utter abhorance to all things that smell like "faith". Today, you 11 Ohio poli-educrats shame American education.

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Understanding Arabian Islam

For the past few weeks, I've been using all the resources at my disposal to understand exactly how recent activities in Islamic nations fit into history and culture. Including a friend's expert insight (in quotes), I summarized my findings below. It's a complex situation; I hope that I've done justice to it.

A person on welfare is essentially unproductive. They may sincerely need that check, but in receiving that check there is no sense of pride in their hard work. Payday reveals their personal failure instead of a reward from productivity. Pride is noticeably absent for the person who has nothing to show for their life.

OPEC nations are generally based upon unproductive economies because oil generates most of the profit that comes into the Muslim nations. Thus, income in OPEC nations is unproductive; meaning, it is not the innovation, hard work, and creativity of the people that produce its riches. They suck the oil, put it in barrels, and ship it around the world, and wait for their check to come in the mail. The disposition of the average Muslim is remarkably similar to the person on welfare.

But, in addition, it is significant to look at the beneficiary of the oil. The citizens of these countries do not benefit; the ruling dictators and monarchs are the primary beneficiaries of the oil-driven economy. The people have no influence in how the government uses that money. Thus, they experience a frustration with government and are powerless to effect change except through overthrowing the governments.

International respect relies exclusively upon the power of OPEC. From the perspective of the people, nations use them like a cheap whore; get the goods, submit the payment to the pimp dictator, and leave without a sense of responsibility. It’s a crude metaphor, but seems to be accurate.

“In general, Muslims see themselves as a vast brotherhood, or family. There is a collective mindset behind all of this that seems to be intimately connected with relational cultures. We in the West, even we Christians who are united by Christ, have a hard time understanding this because individualism is a top value in our culture.”

The best example that I can use to relate this is a drop of water in a pool speaking to all the other drops saying, “We are pool.” Not, ‘we are individuals that collectively make a pool of water’. Not, ‘there are different parts of the pool that make one pool’. No. Instead, “We are pool; we are one, we are connected, and we are of the same.”

Cultural Paradox
Muslims are very honor driven. Thus, they take great pride in their history. From their perspective, the path to greatness was through religion in the 9th to 14th centuries.

While Islam has increased in numbers, it has decreased in influence from its prime. During the days of the 12th imam (supernatural religious leader) its influence was felt from Spain and Africa through the Middle East to India and in Indonesia. Al-gebra and Al-gorithims have their root in Arabian (Islamic) science and math. They have long since departed from this path and now they are being used like a cheap whore.

Being very honor driven, they respect their roots, families, neighbors. But, in the absence of national pride, what is there to place their honor in? Chiefly, Islam. Increasing the influence of Islam is the goal for all Muslim nations. The remaining debate within Islam is whether the Islam of the 14th century or the 21st century will return them to their previously known influence.

In Islam, there is no separation of church and state. They are one. The influence of Islam is openly felt within the influence of the government. [To exemplify this, even under the America’s guidance, Islam was written into Iraq’s Constitution.] Thus, religion and government are the same tool for achieving this remembered greatness.

How does the church/state“we” interact to achieve greatness? This “we” identity complicates the two visions of the path to influence, the 14th and the 21st century paths. “We are Islam. How can the ‘we’ achieve greatness through differing visions of the path to greatness?”

To the “extremists”, pursuing the 14th century, Western culture is evil. “We” must eradicate its influence and become independent of it. Osama and his buddies believe that the quickest route to increased influence for Islam is by reverting culture backwards. Extremists hate “Western” values, music, food, clothes, language. The path to greatness involves complete independence from the “West.” The ‘we’ must be the root of our own culture. Using the history of Islam, the haddith (traditions), and the Qu'ran, their violent acts are easily justifiable. I have written more about it here.

To the moderates, that pursue the goal via 21st century means, Western culture is not good, but necessary, to achieving greatness. They are pragmatists. “We must use what works to achieve the “we” vision of the future greatness of Islam.”

The differences between extremist and moderate Islam is that of means, not ends.

The Iranian dictator, a proponent of the extremist philosophy carried to its logical conclusion, is attempting to produce chaos. Why? It is said that when chaos rules, the 12th imam will return to unite the divided people of Islam and restore Islam to its previously known glory. This perspective is a minority among Muslims but obviously concerning.

Inflammatory Cartoons
To summarize the the current socio-economic environment: an honor driven people, embarrassed, used for their oil, surpassed in modernity, and angry because of their lack of influence. Is a Danish cartoon the symptom of a greater frustration? Is it the fuse that released the potential energy?

Couple this with their very relational, Muslim brotherhood. “When you offend one Muslim by drawing a cartoon, you offend every Muslim. I think there is also offensive synergism (ya, I just made that up, so do with it what you will!) in a collective culture. Because he is offended, then I should be offended too.”

Always remember, the goal is to increase the influence of Islam; the only object of debate is the means to acheive this goal. Violence is one option for accomplishing this goal. Thus, the recent demostrations regarding the Danish cartoons and France's riots late 2005, are justified. Islamicists conquer by force.

Good morning

Yes, thanks for your emails. I would rather be blogging. But, unfortunately this is a non-profit venture in the fullest sense of the word.

Not until today, have I been able to sit and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while preparing for today's blog activity. Mmm....coffee.

So much is happening in the world that, causing mass perplextion as to why this morning's (essentially every morning this week) Washington Post (and every other MS press) headlines with a stupid hunting accident. Tony Blankley summarizes it best:
In the absence of any pressing news these days -- other than Iran's nuclear weapons development crisis, the election of Hamas terrorists in Palestine, on-going worldwide Muslim riots and killing in reaction to a cartoon, Al Gore's near sedition while speaking in Saudi Arabia, the turning over of our East Coast ports to be managed by a United Arab Emirates firm, the criminal leaking of vital NSA secrets to the New York Times, Mexican military incursions across our southern border, the Iraqi crisis, Congress's refusal to deal with the developing financial collapse of Social Security and Medicare, inter alia--the White House press corps has exploded in righteous fury over the question of the vice president's little shooting party last weekend (cite).
I hate America's unwillingness to tackle tough issues in preference to what's easy and uninteresting.

I just finished the history novel, (I suppose that's how you describe David McCullough's texts) 1776. I was so impressed by the quality of research, the ease of reading, and the information presented in such vivid and picturesque language that made you experience the environment of the characters. McCullough depicts the 16 month struggle for credibility of George Washington and the Continental Army prior to and after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was excellent.

I wonder, God save us from such a day, that if military service became essential to the protection of America from an immediately threatening army, would our young men have the character to fight?

I prefer to be an idealist. I do see reality and am fully aware of life's tragedies; yet, I can see the hidden potential that, if unlocked, will transform lives. I'm a passionate person when it comes to policy formation, leadership, mentoring, and decision making not because I get my kicks off of influence, but because I recognize the consequence of the influence of policy on personal development. Policy makes a moral statement of one's relationship to the universe. Observation of law, through proximity or through the consequences of failing to abide by its demands, provide life with character development opportunities. But, I'm babbling....

I'm now reading David Frum's, "The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush." Yes, I know it several years old, but I bought it at Books-a-million last fall for 3 dollars and just now getting around to it. It'll be finished before the end of the week. Who knows what's next, any suggestions?

ACLU bullies Boy Scouts

I know it's beating a dead horse for me to continue to make the same argument, but the Boy Scouts have been an honorable organization since their founding.

In 1908, the Boy Scouts were founded in Great Britain by Lord Robert Baden-Powell. It didn't take long for Scouting to make its way to the United States when an American was exposed to the helpful nature of the British Scouts.

In 1909 in London, England, An American Visitor, William D. Boyce, lost his way in a dense fog. He stopped under a street lamp and tried to figure out where he was.

A boy approached him and asked if he could be of help.

"You certainly can," said Boyce. He told the boy that he wanted to find a certain business office in the center of the city.

"I'll take you there," said the boy.

When they got to the destination, Mr. Boyce reached into his pocket for a tip.

But, the boy stopped him. "No thank you, sir. I am a Scout. I won't take anything for helping."

"A Scout? And what might that be?" asked Boyce.

The boy told the American about himself and about his brother scouts. Boyce became very interested.

After finishing his errand, he had the boy take him to the British Scouting office.

At the office, Boyce met Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the famous British general who had founded the Scouting movement in Great Britain.

Boyce was so impressed with what he learned that he decided to bring Scouting home with him.

On February 8, 1910, Boyce and a group of outstanding leaders founded the Boy Scouts of America. From that day forth, Scouts have celebrated February 8 as the birthday of Scouting in the United States.
All of our lives we have heard of the cliche' of a Boy Scout helping an old lady to cross the street. This is just one of the principles that Scouting was founded upon. During World War II when the availability of soldiers to conduct military honors at grave sites was depleted, the Boy Scout stepped up and assisted in rendering the heroes of our nation the honors that they so richly deserved. And this tradition has continued to modern day.

Each day, somewhere in this nation, a veteran who has died receives an honor guard provided by the VFW, the American Legion, and the Boy Scouts. A Scout more often then not, sounds Taps over the grave of the fallen hero. This is a service that those of us who have served find comfort in knowing. We know that there is an organization which honors our service. We know, that there is an organization which teaches the ideals that we have fought for. Whether in actual combat, or in my case Cold War Veterans who were part of the massive build up which led to the collapse of our most threatening adversary. We know that the ideals that we've committed to protect are still being taught.

But now the most honorable of organizations for boys, who we can all agree are at greatest threat of going astray without the direction taught by Scouting, is in danger of being forced into becoming extinct through court decisions prostituted by the ACLU and other liberal groups who seek to remove some of the most valued principles.

Because Scouting does not admit women or homosexuals, they are a target who wish to make homosexuality main stream. Because Scouting teaches a belief in GOD and reverence to the teachings of faith, the ACLU and other groups have successfully had them labeled a religious organization. And because of this labeling, Scouting is being systematically removed from public lands under the ignorant assumption that if a local government permits a Scout Troop to use public land that constitutes a violation of the Establishment Clause. I'd like to know when Congress became involved in the decision to allow Scouts to camp in a local park.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Here is the latest attack on Scouting:
PASADENA – A three-judge appellate court panel yesterday gave lawyers a rapid-fire grilling over whether parkland leases San Diego granted the Boy Scouts violated the Constitution.

The hour-long session visited a host of issues surrounding a ruling in 2003 by U.S. District Judge Napoleon Jones. He found that leases for 18 acres of Balboa Park and a half-acre of Fiesta Island were unconstitutional because they violated the separation of church and state. The Boy Scouts, which require members to take an oath “to do my duty to God,” are a religious organization, Jones ruled.

The Boy Scouts appealed his decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, contending that the Scouts are not religious and that their constitutional rights will be violated if they are evicted. The Scouts' lawyers have been joined by the U.S. Justice Department's civil rights division.

The case began in 2000, when an atheist family and a lesbian couple, each with children, sued the city and the Scouts. They alleged that the deals between the city and the Scouts violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits government promotion of religion. The American Civil Liberties Union is handling their case.

The city settled with the ACLU and is no longer involved. The settlement provided that the Scouts could use the properties until the court case was resolved.

The appellate judges did not say when they would issue a ruling. The panel typically announces a decision three to six months after hearing arguments.

During yesterday's arguments, Judge Andrew Kleinfeld, who acknowledged that he was a Scout, focused largely on whether the Scouts allowed anyone access to Camp Balboa in Balboa Park and the San Diego Youth Aquatic Center on Fiesta Island.

Boy Scouts lawyer George Davidson told the panel that everyone can reserve access to the property on a first-come, first-served basis.

But Judge Martha Berzon said that was unclear and noted some popular weeks in the summer are “blacked out.” She also noted that the park property is gated and wanted to know if people were only granted access if they had a reservation. More
Our heritage is slowly being stripped away. Scouting is an embedded institution in this nation. It contributes to society by keeping good boys good and allows them to develop into good men. Why would anyone want to destroy that? Because they don't like our way of life.

Remember the ACLU was founded by socialists with an agenda to end war, to end poverty, and to make everyone in America the same. In the perfect Utopia envision by Karl Marx. But that is not attainable. It didn't work in the former Soviet Union, it isn't working in China, it isn't working in Cuba, and it definately isn't working in N. Korea. It is their goal to force the fates of those fail Communist states upon the United States. They, like most Crack addicts, believe that they can handle the addiction of absolute power.But they have no control. As Lord Acton said:
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The Boy Scouts are a threat to their teachings. The Boy Scouts teach morality and family values which are a threat to the power grab of the leftists. So the left is using the Boy Scouts as a stepping stone to accomplish the goal that they have been striving for 85 years.

Keep in mind what Hitler did. One of the first things that Hitler did was to ban Scouting and formed the Hitler Youth. What would Romero want once Scouting is banned? Probably make membership in NAMBLA manditory for all male children under 18.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.

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