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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Examining the Complex Relationship between Christians and Homosexuals

The following is Appendix A to the Current Series, “American Education: A Crisis Demanding Leadership.”

The primary manifestation of America’s culture war concerns the topic of homosexuality. Targeted by homosexual groups are state and federal civil rights statutes, non-discrimination policies of private organizations, non-profit civic organizations like the Boy Scouts, the free speech of those with dissenting opinions, the education of school children, full acceptance in churches, synagogues, and mosques, and, most popularly, the definition of marriage. While people of faith are not the only obstacle standing in the path of the full implementation of their agenda, Christians, Jews and Muslims are often targeted as ‘bigots’ and ‘hate-mongerers’ for their consistent opposition.

“Hate” is propagandist language used by gay people who manipulate the public. It is an imprecise term used to create the appearance of minority victimization. Homosexuals using this type of language lower the dialogue to a strictly emotional level hoping to influence the debate using the great sympathy and compassion of the American people. I strongly reject this language and state clearly: Christians do not “hate” homosexuals.

(Whether or not homosexuals hate Christians is for the reader to decide; consistently reading the homosexual writings about people like Focus on the Family’s James Dobson may be enough for the reader to decide.)

The relationship between Christians and homosexuals is too complex to reduce to an emotional word like ‘hate’. We have strong disagreements on many levels. Often, the Christian’s emotions are involved but not because of negative emotions toward homosexuals, but because of our strong positive feelings regarding the significance of the family, the future of our nation, and the health and well-being of children.

Christians are just people who believe God exists and has provided the manner in which we may relate with him. Christians having no claim to perfect actions, but we do claim that the Bible establishes a perfect standard. The authority of the Bible in telling us what is good and bad is supreme to Christians.

The Bible is an ancient text and can be confusing; reading the Bible requires some explication. Sometime the Bible is explicit (clearly states) or implicit (from which we derive principles). Luckily, most of the Bible can be interpreted without confusion.

One topic that the Bible discusses at great length is sexual relationships. God created sex; and, in the Bible He outlines the parameters for sexual relationships. Either from God or from neighboring nations, biblical people were well informed about all of the “variations” of sexual relationship. Because they were not ignorant, the Bible is very explicit regarding sexual acts.

“Sexual immorality” is mentioned not less that 27 times in the Bible; each time, it falls outside of the parameters for God’s design. The only task left for the Christian is deciding how “sexual immorality” is defined.

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible affirms that homosexuality does not fall in within the parameters of God’s intention for sexual relations. Because of the Bible’s clear teaching, it is incorrect to affirm homosexual relationships and maintain the authority of Scripture; they are mutually exclusive. Christians call actions contrary to God’s standards “sin”. Sin separates humans from their Creator.

An important Aside
It is of UTMOST importance that preceding any discussion of the sin of others, Christians are first to examine their lives and ask forgiveness for personal sin. Rooting out agreement on a certain type of sin is secondary to acknowledging that we are all dependent upon God’s grace. Without this step in humility, intellectual correctness often becomes the goal instead of love and restoration with God. Aside complete….

The words used in the Bible relating to this specific type of sin are as follows:
Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman (Leviticus 18:22).

If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. (Leviticus 20:13).

Because of this [idolatry] God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another (Romans 1:26,27).

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders…will inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9,10).

Law is made not for the righteous but for law-breakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful,...for adulterers and homosexuals…(1Timothy 1:9).

Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire (Jude 7).
If a Christian maintains the authority of Bible in determining ethical issues, then they have no choice but to reaffirm the statement held within it. Would we like to consent to unlimited freedom including the morality of homosexuality? Not necessarily, but given our presupposition that God determines what is right and wrong and communicates this through the Bible, then the Christian is left to faithfully respond.

Standing on the authority of the Bible is incredibly freeing for the believer especially in an environment where people are viewed as “hating homosexuals” (see above). Our personal opinions really don’t matter; faithfulness to the Bible is all that remains. Concurrently, the believer must not pick and choose from the Biblical mandates; to do so would open him or her up to the claim of hypocrite in this world and the next.

This is the foundation for the Christian perspective of the homosexual lifestyle.


Just in case you missed it above, Christians do not hate homosexuals. The Bible never condones hatred of any person for any sin; instead, the Bible says that we are love our neighbors (generically speaking), including homosexuals. We can not pick and choose which Biblical mandates we follow.

Personally, I’ve known, touched, sat next to, enjoyed conversation with, hugged, shook hands, had lunch with, slept in the same room (large room-lots of people) all with homosexuals. I have no personal animosity toward any person simply because they are a homosexual.

However, Christians who believe in the authority of Scripture and thus believe that homosexuality is a sin are saddened by the personal choice of anyone who continues to actively engage in a homosexual lifestyle. Why? Just like it saddens the heart when a child dies from a preventable sickness, it saddens the Christian when the sickness of sin leads to separation from God. Nothing in the world is more saddening to me because restoration of the relationship is available.

No, I’m not saying that. Thankfully, it is not my job to determine who gets into heaven or not. What I do know is that only through Jesus Christ can a person be with God in heaven. You can learn more about this relationship here.

There are different types of homosexuals who claim to be Christian. There is the homosexual who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong (or who doesn’t identify sex in these terms). There is the homosexual who understands the difference but doesn’t really care and wouldn’t care even if God came down on a cloud; in rebellion, this person may simply justify away the principles of the Bible with hermeneutical intellectualization of sin. And, then there is the homosexual that understands the Bible, the meaning of sin, and struggles to do what is right.

I am certain that God knows each person’s heart and understands human weakness. I believe also that He understands the difference between the humble person who struggles with sexual sin and the person who rebels against Him. And, I trust Him that he is able to make the decision about who gets in heaven.

By homosexual agenda, I am referring to the push for changes in state and federal civil rights statutes, discrimination policies of private organizations, the free speech of those with dissenting opinions, the education of school children, acceptance in churches, synagogues, and mosques, and, most popularly, the definition of marriage.

Christians experience God coming into their heart and changing their lives. The things that characterized their previous way of living (anger, fear, envy, greed, pride, etc.) start to change and be replaced with love, right decisions, and begin to have their perspective shaped by God and the Bible. As this enjoyable relationship with God continues, His character integrates into our lives and it begins to manifest itself in our actions and our decisions. Thus, we find ourselves disagreeing with the way we used to see things. We are not perfected, but we change. I know this sound foolish to non-Christians, but it’s true.

So, taking the biblical principles discussed above, the Christian is left to answer questions like, “Does God approve of homosexuals marrying?” “Does God approve of our children being taught that gay sex is acceptable just like straight sex?” “Does God approve of creating a new category of people based upon sexual orientation?”

If the Bible didn’t speak to the issue of homosexuality, homosexual marriage would be legal tomorrow. But because it does, the Christian should stand for righteousness as God defines it.

Well, not exactly. Nothing a Christian can do creates a theocracy. When God wants a theocracy, He’ll create one regardless of any person’s opinion.

God establishes national leaders and human authority; in America we live in a Constitutional democracy. Running a nation like a theocracy contradicts the idea of a Constitutional democracy. The answer, in short, is no.

Christians do have a responsibility to act in a manner that pleases God. God takes personal and civic responsibility seriously. Therefore, voting, paying taxes, contacting legislators, and running for public office do take on a new dimension. In the exercise of our personal or civic responsibilities, I believe that God would not approve of the Christian acting in a manner that promotes unrighteousness.


No. I mean, if biblical authority is sufficient, great. But for others, when it comes to the gay agenda, there is overwhelming evidence that the implementation of the gay agenda violates what is in society’s best interests. Therefore promoting the gay agenda become an exercise in promoting a personal gratification instead of the common good. Let me explain…

What non-partisan, non-religious scientists, doctors, sociologists, and researchers have found is that the parameters regarding sexual relations found in the Bible might actually be best for society. While they don’t cite biblical references, they report statements like, ‘children do best in a two parent, man-woman, loving relationship’; ‘sex with animals is not a good thing for society’; ‘polygamous marriages should not be condoned’; ‘sex between relatives isn’t good’. What they have found is that the parameters that God establishes are there for a reason: our society functions best when we abide by the standards that He created for our society.

Doesn’t that make sense? God’s creation functions best when it operates as He intended it to operate.


Research often contradicts research. For example, the appendix along with 180 other parts of your body, were considered vestigial (or functionless) in the early 20th century; today both the appendix and virtually all of the 180 other parts are considered highly significant [for the appendix especially during the fetal and neonatal periods] to the body’s operation. Yet, for much of the past 100 years, research contradicted research. It wasn’t a pointless process, but there were differences of opinion.

I suggest the same is true for matters related to the gay agenda as well. Research is helpful even when it contradicts other research but not by creating consensus, but rather by creating discussion regarding these differences.


Based upon the authority of Scripture, homosexuality is sin—not a super-sin. It can be forgiven just like any other sin. Christians who hate homosexuals are also sinning against the commandment to love their neighbor.

I believe it is the responsibility of Christians to exercise their personal and civic responsibilities in manners that please the Lord. Christians approving of homosexuality or the homosexual agenda contradict the principles of the Creator laid out in the Bible.

There is way too much escalated rhetoric when it comes to discussing homosexuality as public policy. Hate, love, feelings, sex, and all emotions are irrelevant in discussions of public policy.

Regarding the gay agenda, I believe communities (cities, states, nation) should have the right to establish through the democratic process what is best for their communities and not be forced by judicial fiat to violate their moral beliefs.

Now, continuing with our series on education, Gay Activism in Public Schools…..

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Just to nitpick:

today both the appendix and virtually all of the 180 other parts are considered vital to the body’s operation.

The appendix can't be vital, since if it were necessary for life I would be dead. Mine was removed when I was 14. The same can't be said of one my heart ventricals, for example. Or whatever they're called...I've only ever taken insect physiology :)

I enjoyed this post, actually. It made things a bit more clear.
I've updated it. Thanks.
I might add perhaps, that Christians might oppose theocracies because state run churches always stagnate and pollute the faith. Belief in Christ must be completely voluntary and it may in fact be more dangerous for people to walk thinking they are saved when they are in fact not. Furthermore, Christianity usually flourishes where there is some persecution, so for the good of making stronger disciples, a state that makes no law respecting an establishment of religion is best.
I think what the founding fathers had in mind was to prohibit one denomination from becoming the Government sanctioned denomination. It was never their intention to ban Christianity from the public square, or from its influence in government. At the founding of the country, freedom of religion meant freedom to exercise Christianity. They believed that as long as the majority of the population remained Christian, the experiment of a Constitutional Rupublic as they founded it, would succeed. In my opinion it has not succeeded. What we have now is a shadow of what was intended.
Leviticus no longer applies to Christians any longer. If you eat shellfish, that's considered an abomination. If you sit next to a woman who has her period- that's considered detestable in God's eyes. Through the death of Christ, we've been freed from this boundage of law. We no longer go by it any longer.

With that being said, the scriptures in Corinthians is another example how a lot of Christians fail to read the next verse. It says that some of you were just like that, but now washed cleaned due to Christ's death.

Other scriptures like in Romans explains the promiscuity of homosexuality, but keep in mind that promiscuity runs wild in the heterosexual world too. You have to give both accounts for this.

Why not focus on adulterers? I find a lot of "Christians" like to dwell way too deep into the lifestyles of gays and lesbians.

Why is that?

I'm a lesbian who serves Christ. I love Jeus---He is number one in my life. I also love my partner that I've been with for years now. This doesn't make me a bad person. God blesses our union. I have a personal relationship with God, and no one can take that away from me.

There is no hate on my part, and I don't think there's hate on your part either. I just wish there was more understanding on both sides. More tolerance to those who are different, and more love in this world... but that's asking for too much. It's not realistic.

So, I accept you, and your views about us. We're okay though. God says so.

God bless!

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There is so much talk about homosexuality...A chrisian will not expound on this as it is a free will choice and no one can change a person's mind. It is God who draws the person to Him and to know God is to know HOLINESS..AND THAT BRINGS TRUE CONVERSION. God's word is clear to the christian but not to the lost as the bible staes that it is foolishness to those who do not know God...or His ways..not man's ways...A christian is not going to debate the issue as it will do no good to those who do not understand...In this society...the Word of God is so watered down that it accepts the very lost and until the lost find what christianity is..they remain lost and God will leave then to their own devises which lead to eternal death..
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