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Saturday, December 03, 2005

ACLU funded by Progressive Insurance CEO

Peter Lewis, CEO of Progressive Insurance, recently gave the ACLU 8.5 million dollars to aid, among other things, in their war against Christmas and their defense of terrorism (NYTimes, Section A; Column 1). According the AP, in July 2001 Lewis gave 7 million dollars to the ACLU.
The top executive of Progressive Corporation has donated $7 million to the American Civil Liberties Union. Officials say it's the largest gift ever by an individual.

Peter Lewis earmarked $5 million of yesterday's grant for the organization's drug-policy litigation project, which is challenging such practices as drug testing in schools and restrictions on medical marijuana. The ACLU of Ohio Foundation and the national ACLU received a million apiece.

Lewis is chairman of the auto insurer in the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield. He's been an ACLU member since 1972. He also argues for such issues as providing rehabilitation instead of jail for drug offenders. Lewis was arrested for marijuana possession in January of 2000 in New Zealand(cite).
Lewis, an ACLU member since 1972, said that the ACLU does critically important work to protect individual freedoms in this country and that he has been an admirer of this work for years...“Their work doesn't seem to have an end; many of these battles have been re-fought by each succeeding generation," added Lewis. “That's why I've invested in the ACLU.” (cite)

Reclaim America reported that Lewis gave an 8 million dollars gift in 2003.
Peter B. Lewis, chairman and CEO of Progressive Auto Insurance, recently donated $8 million to the ACLU. In 2001, he donated $7 million to match a $14 million challenge from the Ford Foundation(cite).
It unclear whether this gift is separate from the 8.5 million reported by the NY Times. If separate donations, the most recent gift bring Lewis' 4 year total to 23.5 million dollars.

The American Family Association has established two ways to contact Peter Lewis expressing your displeasure:

Click here if you have a Progressive policy

Click here if you do not have a Progressive policy
Trackbacked at the much frequented Stop the ACLU

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
It didn't take me very long to cancel the Progressive Insurance policies I had in force. I have tried to spread the word wherever and whenever I can.

What is wrong with civil liberties?
Ron From Ohio, your are a fuckin Idiot man. you are blind and stupid.
To the 2nd anonymous person or whatever you are - the ACLU is destroying this country. You are an idiot.
I'm in the process of dropping Progressive also. Any corp that would back the aclu, who by the way backs nambla, can kiss the dark side of my azz.
I love that this section is headed "THOUGHTFUL readers speak"

You forgot to mention that Lewis is also a big supporter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law.

Y'all can drop your policies if it means so much to you but they've always quoted me the lowest rates around.

I wouldn't mind a war on Xmas, now that you mention it. What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus anyways?
As a supporter of the reform of marijuana laws Progressive will always have my business. Even if I have to kick in more money.
Ever since Jacobs Field became "Progressive Park", the Indians have been terrible. I urge you to cancel your Progressive Insurance as I hold them responsible for the demise of the team. If Progressive is going to name the park after themselves they need to be held accountable if the team stinks, and they do!
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Why do you think the company is called progressive? It is because of it roots in the progressive movement. The ACLU is nothing more than an overt anti-America group. They hate what this country stands for and are using our own laws against us where ever and when ever they can.
Read the 'rules for radicals" it has ACLU written all over it, figuratively speaking. These statist are in our schools, universities and have entrenched themselves in the Democratic Party who now hold a vast positions of power in our government and are enacting polices that will undermine the very fabric of this nation. That win today in Massachusetts was a huge step back in the right direction, take heart America. I was finally proud to be an American again.
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