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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

42 Conservative Groups to Ford: Leave the Culture War!

[UPDATE] By my count, it's now 43.

The Ford Motor Company agreed to leave the culture war as it relates to the promotion of homosexual organizations and agenda. They are flirting with voiding that agreement. In response, 42 organizations that support traditional values have written this letter asking Ford to abide by their agreement:
We strongly suggest that Ford remove itself from involvement in the cultural war and apply its resources to building the best product possible. It ill serves the purpose of Ford to take sides in the cultural war. It is a no-win situation. When you favor one side, you alienate the other. Leave the cultural battles to the various groups pro and con and to the politicians. Apply your energy and your resources to building better automobiles. This policy would benefit not only Ford, your employees and your dealers, but society as a whole.
A response was requested by January 20th.

Ah, capitalism. The power of the people to influence change in corporate behavior is being tested right now; as you read this article, the Ford Motor Company is debating on which side of the culture war they will fall. When I emailed Ford's CEO's and marketing representatives last fall, this was the reponse I received on December 28th:
Thank you for contacting Jaguar Cars.

At Jaguar we will, as we have said previously, shift our marketing to the GLBT community from more mass above-the-line communications, to a more focused below-the line approach. We believe it will provide a stronger and more effective platform to showcase and demonstrate our vehicles. The change in emphasis reflects the development of new brand campaigns and an accompanying sharpening of our media focus. These decisions were taken entirely for business reasons. We fully understand the concerns that were raised, and regret the way in which the plans were unfortunately characterized.

We want to reaffirm that Jaguar values diversity among all of our constituents and pride ourselves on strong and clear values -respect for our customers, communities, employees, suppliers and dealers; acceptance of our differences; inclusion of different people with different perspectives; and integrity to always do the right thing. We value all people - regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and cultural or physical differences. This is a strong commitment we intend to carry forward with no exception.


Colleen Hogan
Jaguar Cars
Jaguar is a subsidiary of the same company. If you would like to email Ford and its subsidiaries, click here.

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