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Monday, January 23, 2006

Americans on Call -- Eliminating the Demand for Abortion

I don't know anything about this group; but wanted to pass this along....

WASHINGTON, D.C.— A handful of local law students came up with an idea...last week. Today, they are launching it at the March for Life. This idea has the potential to transform America as we know it. It puts Americans on Call.

One of the founding members of the movement put it this way: "I was a 19 year-old guy who didn't want my girlfriend to go through with the abortion, but I was paralyzed with fear about how my family would react. I needed someone to turn to. If I had some visual symbol of all of the people willing to help me get the help I needed, the story might have been different."

Americans on Call will proudly wear that symbol – an invitation to women and men in unplanned pregnancies that they are available to help, that they have the resources or know where to find them, and that they will support these new families.

As the March for Life demonstrates, the resources and the will to snuff out abortion in this country are already in place. The only trouble is that women in need are not always aware of these resources. Americans on Call will bridge that gap. Find out how at www.abortionends.org.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
"...an invitation to women and men in unplanned pregnancies that they are available to help..."

Have men started getting pregnant recently?
Takes two to tango, Erica--both man and woman is responsible for a pregnancy. Pregnancy is "unplanned" only by persons victimized by rape or incest, or by those who do not recognize that intercourse can lead to conception of a human being. In no case is it legitimate to kill an innocent human being.
You're right. It is wrong to kill human beings.
I guess I don't understand, Randy. If one voluntarily commits incest, how does that make the pregnancy "unplanned" under your scheme? Why should an incestuous pregnancy be allowed to be aborted according to your beliefs?
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