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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Athiests Sue over Memorial to Heros

ADF: Cross to bear: Atheist organization bothered by roadside memorials files suit

Everyday when you walk outside and you're not mugged, beat, sexually abused, or murdered--thank your local police force.

Unfortunately, the heroes who protect our communities are often underappreciated (especially when they pull us over for speeding). More tragic is the disgrace that one group of militant athiests is propagating; they are suggesting that the memorials to fallen heros in the shape of crosses is an endorsement of religion.

"Nothing at all about the roadside memorial crosses is unconstitutional. Being personally offended by a cross has never been a sufficient reason to uproot a memorial to someone's death. It's ludicrous to use the tiresome extraconstitutional construct of 'separation of church and state' to attack these memorials." says Alliance Defense Fund's Senior Legal Counsel Byron Babione.

This is another attack on our culture by the minority of people who want to turn America into modern day Europe.

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