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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beaten comatose girl breathes on her own

Her step-father, Jason Strickland, is accused of beating Haleigh into a coma and onto life support. Now in the state's custody, following a judge's ruling, Wednesday she was taken off life support--and started breathing on her own. Her ability to support herself may impact whether the state will remove her feeding tube.

Sound familiar? Terri Schiavo was my first thought; my second thought was to ignore it because I am still emotionally weary after following her case. But, this little girl is a victim of heinous crimes of abuse by her step-dad and has never been given a chance at life. Now the girl is responding hopefully.

The doctors and the mother have not commented on her current condition. Attorney John Egan, representing the step-father said, "What's the rush? Just give her a chance...Medical science is not that certain. We would hope the whole process will slow down, and everyone will step back and end the compulsion to end her life."


Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I hope she pulls through and recovers, if that's even possible; or I hope she's beyond all suffering anyway.

And I hope they nail this guy for it, regardless. None of this 60-day sentence crap for child molestors. Don't they still have minimum sentences for things like this? I guarantee you, had these men molested boys, there'd be no question whatsoever about them going away for a very long time.
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