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Friday, January 06, 2006

Blithesome Blogging

Yesterday was a fun day! I got to blog for 23.5 hours--give me a break, I had to eat.

I try to write (and you likely want to read) blogs relevant to life and your interests. So, I scan my feeder, mortal humans, and insignificant microbes and usually they pop out at me--kind of like my bagel just did, hold on....

Mmm, that's better.

For the new reader, yesterday's topics were the homosexual PTA, ID, and Italian atheists. The bantering in the comments was terrific; and it didn't turn ugly although badtux's superior logic pushed me toward a meltdown. Most were very thoughtful. I get so sick of namecalling by disagreeing bloggers; maybe it reminds me to much of junior high recess all over again. While I find some humor in being called a facists who wants to convert America into a religious state, yesterday's guests were pretty civil.

Even better was this morning's commentary on various sites: Too Many Words was hilarious in his characterizations of me and himself; this was was much less funny and slightly obtuse; Buridan's "donkey" had a thoughtful reponse to the actual content of my analysis which was a welcome addition to the satiracle responses above.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
But Pandas was only "much less funny," right? So that means it was still funny? And by being only "slightly obtuse," that means that it was only a bit wider than a right angle? I'd really rather be there than slightly acute I think.
Hi Jr. I found your site through Pandas That Won't Etc. , and while I disagree with 90 percent of your content, I do find that you're generally polite, so you get points for that.

I have one question though: If you get sick of disagreeing bloggers, why do you go looking for trouble at other blogs?

Wait, I have one more question: What the heck is the "Stewardship of Patrimony?" Is it anything like the Pompatus of Love?
Hi...thanks for visiting even though you disagree.

Oh, I don't mind bloggers who disagree; frankly, I'm glad for the mixed reviews--it keeps me on my feet. I hope its mutually beneficial meaning I hope they (you) get something out of too. My expectations aren't ridiculous, but I hope they (you) benefit from your visit.

About the stewardship of patriomony--great question, look here/

have a good weekend
JR- Gee golly, I done started a blog tiff. Or something.

I did read a bit of your spiel on the Italian atheists, and dammit if I'm not 1000 times funnier than you. but then again, i dont think humor is what you were going for.

i can say that penguintux, or whatever his name is, gave me a real headache. not because i dont have answers or rebuttals to his attack on historic Christianity, but because secularists have been making the same thin arguments for centuries. it does get a little tiresome. so, on that front, you have my sympathy.
Blog readers generally read blogs they agree with; not ones to the contrary. So, whatever bit of perspective we can offer those who would be otherwise without, I say good for all of us.

My guess is that 80% of 'contrary' readers don't want to learn and grow; it's the impressionable 20% to which we must speak.

After it hits the fan, we duck and hope--just hope and pray--that someone heard. For how can they learn unless they first hear; how can they hear unless someone is speaking?

Take heart--we are not alone; meanwhile, overcome the contrary with good.
As for funny points....gee, I'll bow out before I start counting. You win.
I want to learn and grow, that's why I'm in grad school. Do you want to learn and grow, JR?
Um, congratulations. Sometimes.
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