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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Drugs for Death--SCOTUS says OK

"It is important that the traditional understanding of the medical role as one of healing not be confused by licensing doctors to kill. Assisted suicide is a perversion of the medical profession because it violates a fundamental ethical principle of medicine, 'First, Do No Harm'" (Tony Perkins).

"If the term legitimate medical purpose a term used in the federal regulatory scheme] has any meaning, it surely excludes the prescription of drugs to produce death" (Justice Scalia).

It's my understanding that the decision this week does not endorse assisted suicide, but instead does not allow the attorney general to restrict the use of drugs for that purpose. That decision seems based upon a postmodern deconstruction of the law--but what's new. You can decide for yourself. Read the opinion here.

Here are several reactions from pro-life groups.

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