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Monday, January 09, 2006

Florida Supreme Court Condemns Minority Students to Failing Schools

Why is school choice an important issue for conservatives and Christians? Why is the Flordia ruling saddening?

Government education is the great paradox in America's capitalistic system. See, your child has a government subsidized cost associated with his or her education; the greater student headcount a school has, the more funding an individual school receives.

Capitalists want more freedom to take their 'business' (child's government subsidized, tax-payer funded money) to the school that best meets their needs in terms of location, quality, educational content, etc. This challenges educators to become the best school it can become to enroll the maximum number of students possible; if a student leaves a school to attend another, that student's government funding goes elsewhere.

While admittedly a gross comparison, consider this: you eat at the fast-food restaurant that meets a certain criteria in terms of location, speed, quality, selection, etc. This creates an incentive for the restaurant to meet the needs of the customer or go out of business.

Socialists, Communists, the NEA, and Democrats want to, continuing the metaphor, decide where you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat. In like manner, they want to restrict your freedom to choose what is best for your children and force you to abdicate your role as parent. They want to force feed your children with their "approved" content and remove any choice as to where your children attend school.

So, why is this important to Christians? Christian parents, or frankly any religios or non-religious caring parent, wants the freedom to take their child to the school that most accurately reinforces the beliefs that are taught at home. For Christian parents, it is especially important because children are becoming targets of the homosexual movement, force fed evolution, mocked because of religious beliefs, and as the values supported at home are increasingly denigrated at school. Parents should be able to withdraw their student from a school like this and re-enroll him or her into a different school that more closely aligns with a family's values.

The Florida case is especially saddening because these 730 minority students will now be forced, think communism, to enroll in failing schools. The government, via these judges, has decided that the taxpayer money can only be used at a government sanctioned school. Without the subsidy, these students do not have the money to remain enrolled in schools that most appropriately meets their educational needs.

The government subsidizes the education of students at private (religious and non-religious) colleges and universities; in part because of this, American higher education has become the envy of the world. Too bad the same can't be said of our primary and secondary educational systems.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
If the government gives money to Christian schools the government also has to give money to Buddhist schools and Satanic schools. You know that, right?
I'm sorry? I must have missed the segment in human biology where we learned that impregnating a woman imbues you both with post-secondary degrees in education. What business do parents have deciding what's best for their children to learn?

I wouldn't presume to dictate to my mechanic or my doctor. What business do I have trying to overrule my child's teacher except in a case of obvious incompetence? Why do you suppose it takes a degree to be a teacher? What do you think those people do all day?
It doesn't take a graduate degree to know that I don't want my 7th grade child learning about how to perform gay sex. Do you?

Similiarly, I don't want the teachers teaching to the lowest common denominator in every form that it may come. I want my child to be challenged.

Additionally, I want child to attend a school where they will be safe.

In each instance, parents should be able to harness the great powers of capitalism and switch schools.
Yeah, I'd like my 7th grader learning about sex of all kinds. Sex is a field where ignorance kills. Moreover, having good sex requires instruction. Why wouldn't I want my offspring to be enjoying sex? Even gay sex, if my 7th-grader was gay. Why should that bother me?

Nobody's stopping you from switching schools now, so I don't see what the problem is. You can even homeschool if you like. Where do you get the idea you don't have choice?

Yeah, you're still paying taxes to the public schools. On the other hand, a public school in your neighborhood raises your property values, so the trade-off seems fair to me.
Sexual repression isn't healthy. Sexual repression creates serial killers.
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