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Thursday, January 05, 2006

"...It is morally impossible for me to marry homosexual couples" says Madrid Magistrate

Magistrate who refused to officiate at gay marriages resigns - Typically Spanish News

The Madrid magistrate who refused to marry same sex couples has presented his resignation to the Supreme Court.

Antonio Alonso, who is the magistrate for the town of Pinto, told EFE news agency on Monday that he resigned because...‘I am resigning because it is morally impossible for me to marry homosexual couples, and I can therefore not apply that law.’

There have been three applications for same sex marriages in Pinto since the new law came into force.
Spain is in a moral tailspin. What was once a center for a beautiful culture and strong Catholic church has become the epicenter of moral degradation and licensiousness. "In 2001 abortifacient birth control was legalized. In 2003 the country allowed the use of human embryos in experimental science, and in June 2005, legislation was passed allowing gay ‘marriage’ (cite)."

God help Spain. There remains some hope that the organized conservative movement in Spain will reject the socialist government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero who pushed each of these measures through. Last June, over 1 million people (about 2.5% of the population) gathered in Spain to protest the redefinition of marriage. That's something.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Remember the good old days when Spain used to be a stronghold of Catholic faith and you could put anybody who disagreed with you on the rack? Why don't you go over there are start another Inquisition? That would really fix their little red wagon.
Oh, I really like red wagon...especially the flyers. I've purchased a couple of those before. They work pretty well, don't you think?

For some reason it just doesn't sit well with me that spain wants to kill babies, endorse infanticide-like practices, and harvest fetuses for experimental science. I can't believe that's ok with you?
I share your concern over the abortion issues, but as for using embryos in scientific research: people already use corpses in research, and those making the decisions (children, spouses) over the remains choose how to dispose of them. For embryos, they will either remain in a freezer forever or be destroyed. Since these cells/people/remains will not ever be brought to term, I don't see the sin in using them for research.
Embryonic stem cell research is a sensitive issue for many people especially those dealing with sickness of those they care about.

Decisions about corpses are generally made by the person before they passed. So, the issue is a bit different in my view.

Regardless of age, an embyro is a life. Destroyed embryos represent a death. To encourage or promote death or to provide an incentive or justification for an intentional death/murder is not a practice that I would endorse.

At the time President Bush decided not to use federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, he decided that those embryos where the death had already occurred could be used, but no further lives would be taken and paid for by federal tax money. This decision made sense to me.

On the other hand, much research is being done, where the federal government aids, regarding the harvesting of stem cells from the umbilical cord and it is making exciting progress. This is going to be where the breakthroughs come.
I truly, truly hope you are right. I have never been comfortable with the stem cell research issue, and I hope that the cord blood approach proves to be as exciting an answer as it seems.
Does it seem ridiculous to you that you're concerned about the actions of scientists whose goal it is to save lives when religious zealots are out shooting doctors, assaulting biology professors, and beating gay people to death? Don't you guys have a saying about sin and stones?
Your premise is debatable because some of those scientists trying to 'save lives' attempt to justify the taking of lives for that purpose.

On violence, I hope that by saying "you guys" you aren't lumping me in with those who shoot doctors and beat gay people.

In my role as a citizen in my community/country, I think its partly my responsibility to care when people act upon other people in a negative manner. Regardless of who, what age, and for what motive.
JR, we're not the ones in charge of the views you promulgate on your site. If your views and positions align you with those who shoot doctors and murder gay people, who's fault is that?

If you don't like your company, change your views.

Anyway - stem cells are collected from zygotes, not embryos. Cord stem cells simply won't be the source of the breakthroughs; zygotic stem cells will. They're the only ones with truly unlimited potential.
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