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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ken Blackwell: An Heir to the Reagan Revolution

City Journal Winter 2006 | Ronald Reagan's Unlikely Heir by Steven Malanga

"Blackwell has built his early lead not by tacking toward the center of this swing state but by running on an uncompromisingly conservative platform that’s won him grassroots support from both Christian groups and taxpayer organizations

"Born in the projects of Cincinnati to a meat-packer who preached the work ethic and a nurse who read to him from the Bible every evening, Blackwell has rejected the victimology of many black activists and opted for a different path, championing school choice, opposing abortion, and staunchly advocating low taxes as a road to prosperity."

Conservatives nationwide would do well to get to know Ken Blackwell though has yet to announce his candidacy for President. This is an excellent article and must read for Ohio voters.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
The Cincinnati Post has reported that Secretary of State Ken Blackwell’s campaign will begin a bus tour through Southern Ohio with a man named Larry Pratt.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mr. Pratt has a well-known history of dealings with racist and anti-Semitic organizations. Pratt’s associations with neo-fascist groups is so repugnant that even right-winger Pat Buchanan asked Pratt to resign from a leadership post in his campaign after Pratt’s associations became known.

A man is best known by the company he keeps. As a true Christian, I despise bigots. You?
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