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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kentucky Governor Backs Intelligent Design in Schools

In his State of the State Address on January 9, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher made a brief reference to his support of teaching intelligent design in public schools:
"As I close, let me recognize Kentucky’s veterans. You have served to protect our liberty and the freedom that spurs our quality of life in this nation. Please know that this administration is committed to supporting you. And where does this freedom come from that many have died to protect? Our founding fathers recognized that we were endowed with this right by our creator. So I ask, what is wrong with teaching “intelligent design” in our schools. Under KERA, our school districts have that freedom and I encourage them to do so. This is not a question about faith or religion. It’s about self-evident truth (cite)."
"For 16 years, Kentucky law has allowed educators to teach evolution and creationism — and now the newer concept of intelligent design — side by side, even allowing teachers to quote Bible passages. But almost no one does.

"A Kentucky School Boards Association survey last November asked the state's 176 school districts whether their teachers taught or discussed intelligent design, said Brad Hughes, an association spokesman. Not one said it did.

Educators say evolution and intelligent design are avoided as classroom topics for many reasons -- fear of controversy, conflicting viewpoints, confusion about Kentucky's law and an emphasis on topics, such as evolution, that are on state tests(cite)"

The radical left wing imposes its perspective by judicial fiat and everyone recognizes it; wanting to avoid the lawsuits teachers avoid the subject instead of addressing it. Infringement on a teacher's academic freedom comes in many forms including fear. Communistic indoctrination and control through intimidation are the preferred methodologies of the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. When will a teacher, principle, and school board stand up to their bullying?

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Teach intelligent design all you like. I think it could fit perfectly into a classroom - perhaps in a unit on bankrupt theologies, or perhaps in a unit on crackpot beliefs and muddled thinking, along with aliens, Holocaust denial, and belief in the paranormal.

Just don't teach it in a science classroom. Those poor science teachers have their hands full already; they don't need to be spending the time disproving crackpotism.
I think it depends on where you live in Kentucky. I was taught evolution and creationism in middle school. I am now 34 years old. My daughters are not exactly taught creationism, but all of their teachers have mentioned while teaching evolution that many people believe God created the earth and they do so in a positive manner. I have never heard of any complaints over here in the western part of the state regarding the matter.
Last semester was the first time I'd heard Creationism mentioned in any of my classes. My professor said:

"Did you guys hear about Kansas? They've stopped evolving there."
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