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Monday, January 09, 2006

A little Alito

Many other blogs are blogging Alito today, rightly so. Here are my observations...

Democrat Discrimination
First, several democrats discriminated against Alito because of his race and gender. If this were a job interview, which it essentially is, their statements are totally inappropriate. Doesn't the Equal Opportunity Employment statues apply to Alito? Leahy and Biden explicitly pointed out how unfortunate it is that he is a white male. This is outrageous!!!!! Leahy said it would be better if you were a hispanic. Biden said, it is unfortunate that you are cutting the number of women on the court in half. Hello...where are the Senate's HR professional's handout on job interviewing---that's illegal!!!! Discrimination is illegal--boy, I'd love to see that thrown back in their face when they begin asking him questions.

Rewriting History
Leahy, and several other Democrats, pointed out that Alito is third person nominated to fill the O'Conner vacancy. But what they intentionally and incorrectly stated what that President Bush withdrew the Meirs nomination under pressure from the radical right. He did no such thing; she bowed to pressure and respectfully withdrew her nomination. Democrats are rewriting history--again.

Sure, I could dismiss this as symantics except that they are using the distinction between whether he or she withdrew the nomination to suggest that Alito is the patsy of the radical right. So transparent these democrats are; I hope they have a better strategy...oh wait, they do, see item #1.

Distinctions between Republicans and Democrats
I think it noteworthy that Democrats are focussing on specific issues while Republicans are focussing on his quality as a judge attested to by non-partisan groups. I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm still questioning why in the world, Senators get an opening statement. I don't get it; is that the 'advise' role coming out or is it just allowing the Senators the opportunity to bloviate?

As I watch it, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee. As I near the bottom of my cup, the flavor is really coming out: mmm.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Pressure from who? Pressure from the Administration, of course, who was in turn pressured from the Radical Right.

Sounds like the Democrats are 100% correct on this one. Everybody knows that Miers was bulletproof until her support of abortion became apparent. Dobson made a phone call and, oops! Miers is gone.

It's not hard to do the math, JR.

Alito supports vast expansions of a President's power. That alone should trouble a conservative. But you're not really all that conservative, are you? I've noticed that, I guess.
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