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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lutheran School Expels Practicing Lesbian Students

The codes of conduct and behavior for Christian organizations are protected by the first amendment free speech clause. In California, of course, two students were expelled for violating the California Lutheran High School (Riverside, CA) code of conduct. This would generally merit no attention except that in this case their violation was some form of lesbian behavior.

"California law in its current construction says that no business shall discriminate against persons of a certain sexual orientation, and in this case they are claiming that's exactly what happened," he said. "By being open to the general public and by expelling these girls because of their sexual orientation, they violated these laws" (cite).

Choosing to be a homosexual is no more a civil right than choosing to be a vegetarian yet state after state (and almost the federal governments) have effectively elevated sexual preference to this status. This article editorializes that violating this 'civil right' requires that the tax-exempt status of this school should be revoked.

There is a national debate over homosexuality, the supposedly privileged status of lesbians and gays; it must happen and people of faith must not be afraid of it nor back down from their convictions. This case will be exceedingly difficult to win in the liberal packed courts of California and this case is likely to go to the California State Supreme Court (in a few years). This case sets an exceedingly important precedent about whether people of faith will be able to practice their faith and establish standards of behavior for members therein.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Except that they're not lesbians. They're just two girls who are close friends, one of whom was tricked by the principal into asserting that she "loved" the other girl.

These girls aren't lesbians. They were expelled because the pricipal is obsessed with eliminating homosexuals from his school. You won't hear any of this from the AFA, of course.
Although, as a private school, they do have the right to expel/admit whomever they choose. Is it discriminatory? Yes. But that is their perogative.
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