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Thursday, January 05, 2006

PFOX Spokesman, "PTA Promotes Homosexual Agenda"

PFOX Spokesman: Despite Its Denials, PTA Does Promote Homosexual Agenda

At the National Parent Teacher Association Conference, the invited the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to talk about "bullying" and distribute literature criticizing traditional perspectives on sexual identity. Concurrently, the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX)was rejected because their content wasn't appropriate for attending parents and children.

Double Standard? It seems to me that the PTA wants to have their cake and eat it too. On the one hand, they don't want to offend their conservative, traditional constituency while catering to the needs of the those seeking to redefine America.

Gone are the days of bake sales and new playground equipment. The PTA is now the patsy of the homosexual movement.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Hi JR,
Found your site on red state.
I was wondering why you placed bullying in scare quotes. Surely when a student is harrassed, threatened, attacked, called "faggot" or "dyke", etc, those things count as bullying? Whether you accept gays or not, wouldn't those actions be harmful to a child or not acceptable to any Christian?
You've got a good point; I don't want any child bullying any other child.

But come on, when a homosexual group talks about bullying don't you think there is an agenda to norm homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle. Don't you think its a ploy for promoting tolerance?

This agenda, I flatly reject; thus, bullying gets quotes.
Of course they have an agenda, just as PFOX does. Evert group which tries to speak to children in schools has an agenda, be it political, social, or educational. And there is no question that eliminating homophobia and spreading tolerance is PFLAG's goal. And I wish them success in spreading the idea that gay does not equal evil.
I know that you disagree with the idea that gays are equal to straights in this world, but I assumed (and am happy to see!) that we have some common ground in believing that bullying is wrong, regardless of the cause. Cheers!
Common ground is always good. In addition to bullying being bad, I'll suggest that homosexuals have the same inalienable rights as heterosexuals. It's America for crying out loud, they can do anything they want. That's common ground point 2. We are on a role.

Let's try for three....3rd graders don't need to hear about all the different kids of sexual relationships possible.
Where we may differ is that I believe marriage is primarily a social function, not a private one.

Also, the Bible tell me that God's perspective is that a sexual relationship between people of the same gender is a sin of unbelief; I mean by this that unbelief is the primary problem and that behaviors stemming from that unbelief such as adultry, murder, lying, theft, and yes homosexuality, are secondary.

That probably does it for common ground, but I respect the difference in perspective.
Gotcha. And that all makes sense.
For some interesting news (it's good from my perspective, but I understand you may have a different take), it appears that the efforts to educate America's youth are working:
A few highlights:
71 percent of the high school graduates polled by Hamilton vs. 54 percent of the adults surveyed by Gallup said that sexual relations between same-sex adults should be legal.
63 percent of graduates say they would be "comfortable" with a gay math teacher, but only 31 percent think they would be comfortable at a party with both gay and straight couples.
About half the graduates reported that they have heard classmates insult gay students by calling them "faggot, homo, dyke" or a similar name.
80 percent of Catholics support legal recognition of gay marriages, in direct opposition to official Church doctrine.
Oh. The survey was run by Zogby, BTW.
"Don't you think its a ploy for promoting tolerance?"

We shouldn't be promoting tolerance? Tell me, what should we be teaching our children?
I want to teach my children a clear distinction for right and wrong. I want them to know the diference between them. I want them pursue right and reject wrong.

Bullying is wrong, lying is wrong, stealing is wrong, adultry is wrong, sexual abuse is wrong, murder is wrong. I don't want them to be tolerant of these things.
The problem with your list of wrongs, JR, is that homosexuality doesn't fit in within those items for one simple reason: all of your examples (lying, murder) involve the injury of one person to another, without their consent. If someone lends me money to buy lunch, it's a kindness. If I take it from them at gunpoint, it's robbery. If someone jumps out from behind a tree and hits me, it's assault. If someone does it in a ring with gloves on, it's a sport. If a homosexual sleeps with another homosexual... Where is the injury? Where is the hurt? Where is the wrong done from one person to another? How has one person harmed themself or another person? Where is the sin against another person?
The difference is where we derive our definition of right and wrong. Evangelicals, such as myself, believe that since God created everything and us he has the freedom and right to define goodness and badness. Based upon what he has communicated to us in the Bible, we try to live rightly. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we're hypocrites.

It appears that you derive your moral compass from whether or not direct injury is caused to another.
No, I understand the concept of using a religious text to determine moral correctness and rightness. It makes sense. What I don't follow is the cafeteria approach to it. Many of the pages in the Bible which condemn homosexuality appear as peers with other prohibitions that have no force in modern day life, such as shellfish and cursing one's parents. Those acts also lead to death, according to the Bible, yet I don't see Christians picketing Red Lobster. It concerns me that evangelical and fundamentalist Christians pick and choose from the passages to deny recognition of homosexuals while blithely ignoring the passages which don't generate such good press.
it concerns me too
If you want to live the way the Bible tells you to live, that's fine. It's your life and you have that right. You also have the right to teach your children to live that way. What you don't have the right to do is make other people live that way.

Oh, and if it concerns you so much you'd better stop wearing clothing with mixed fibers. Don't forget, if you have a nocturnal emission you should take a bath. Don't beat your slave to death all in one day, but if you beat him and he dies later it's no big deal. It concerns me that we aren't taking this seriously. If your daughter is raped in town you have to sell her to her rapist for 100 shekels. If we didn't have this important text to tell us how to live, I'm not sure how society could function.
The Bible has a lot of wierd statements to which you, albeit grossly incorrectly, allude. Sometimes even I struggle with them.

One message that comes through clear is that God will go to incredible lengths to get our attention and express his love. Jesus is the ultimate example of this. Here's the clearest explanation that I've found.
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