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Friday, January 13, 2006

"Silent Bob" Afraid of Pro-Life Position

Santorum pushes opponent to say if he backs Alito

Bob Casey, PA Democratic Senate hopeful, is afraid to talk about his pro-life position because it may alienate the pro-choice Democrats in Pennsylvania. "Silent Bob," as Senator Rick Santorum has called him, refuses to discuss whether or not he would vote for or against the Alito confirmation.

It's a pretty significant question that he's choosing to avoid seeing as though he's is interested in being a member of the Senate. Rick Santorum on the other hand has consistently been pro-life--and isn't afraid to say so. I don't think I'd want to vote for a person afraid of their own convictions.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Your last statement, I completely identify with. Who needs Faith and Convictions if they're not going to be steadfast in defending them? That isn't why we fought the Crusades, why does that, and the war against "the Religion of Peace" need to be in vain? It is being ashamed of your beliefs that makes those things go down in vain.

If I link to your blog, (BTW -- it is very good, I like the template), will you link to mine? Thanks.

Aaron Kinney
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