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Thursday, January 19, 2006

UCLAProfs.com: Exposing Liberal, Proselytizing Profs

UCLA Threatens Legal Action Against Conservative Activist

In a classic David and Goliath story, UCLA alumni Andrew Jones is taking on his alma madre over the issue of wacky, couch-jumpers for the liberal agenda. His site, UCLAProfs.com, exposes individual professors backgrounds, petitions signed, letters and articles written, and all other manifestations of radical activism. Now, UCLA may bring suit against one of its own threatening, among other things, copywrite infringement.

The self-perpetuating, liberal culture of colleges and universities rewards like-minded professors with tenure. Thus, liberals promote liberals who then promote liberals under the guise of, "Well, these individuals are more correct than their conservative counterparts." While many students rebel against this liberal indoctrination (evidenced by the shifting trend in the number of conservative students emerging from colleges), other weakminded students become their activists clones.

Luck is wished and kudos are given to this alumni who loves his alma madre.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
There's no agenda more radical than the agenda you regularly advance on this site.
Yes, it's a big conspiracy. There was a secret ceremony where all the 1st year grad students had to stand in a pentagram and pledge their alliegance to Satan, evolution, and pinko-commie secularism. After that we feasted on the remains of aborted fetuses while we plotted the demise of Christianity.
Oh sure, MoveOn.org, ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, NAMBLA, LAMBDA, People for the American Way, George Soros...

...they're all kittens compared to me.

I've never claimed to not have an agenda--that'd be like cafeteria food where spices are taken out to appeal to the most people: boring.

My agenda of limiting abortion, preserving traditional marriage, academic freedom--pretty radical alright.

Shake in your boots ACLU, I'm hunting you down---*roar*.
JR just wants us all to be free, as long as we're exactly like him.

The great thing about liberalism is that it's got room for everybody. You don't want to have an abortion? Don't have one. Your church doesn't want to marry gay people? They don't have to marry gay people. You want to attend church? Attend church. You want to be a Creationist? Be a Creationist. You want to chain yourself to a tree and change your name to Butterfly? That's fine too. As long as you're not hurting anybody, it's all good. I don't want to force anybody to do or believe anything they don't want. In return, I want that curtesy extended to me.
Oh sure, MoveOn.org, ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, NAMBLA, LAMBDA, People for the American Way, George Soros...

...they're all kittens compared to me

George Soros fought Nazis. You've lined up besides them. They were "traditionalists" too, did you forget? But like you, none of what they promoted was, in fact, any kind of tradition.

You disguise a radical agenda behind the facade of historicity. But at no point in time have your beliefs been "traditional" or accepted.
Which traditions? Whose traditions? You say traditions like we're all supposed to have the same ones and know which ones you're talking about. This might work in a country like Sweden, where the name Sweden not only denotes a nation, but also an ethnicity. You have the problem that American is not an ethnicity, so there isn't any such thing as a set of traditions that is unique to America. And no, your traditions are not universal, nor do they posess some magical property that makes them more special than anybody else's traditions.
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