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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to Sanctity of Life Sunday...

...I'll be your guide to the blogs best posts on this day when we celebrate life. If I've missed your blog, let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Thank you for including my blog on this day when we celebrate life. I am honored.

God bless you and you have a wonderful blog.
I'd be curious to read your thoughts on the sanctity of life and what that means in regards to the end of life.
I'd be happy to consider that a compliment. Thanks. You'll get it, say, by the end of tomorrow.
Only God has the right to determine when life starts and when it is to end. We are entitled to make these decisions when it is a matter of self-defense (e.g. we are being attacked by someone else). Sadly, some have taken the position that the child in the womb is attacking the mother; hence, the mother has the right to kill her child.
Thank you for the mention!

Also, great blog using Blogger!
Hi Helen; You're welcome! anytime!

And, thanks.

"Only God has the right to determine when life starts and when it is to end."

What happens when one doesn't believe in God?
We are entitled to make these decisions when it is a matter of self-defense (e.g. we are being attacked by someone else).

I'm curious where you get that from the Bible. Jesus, as I recall, instructed you to turn the other cheek, that it might be struck as well. Furthermore I don't recall him killing any centurions when they nailed him to the cross.
Thanks so much for including my blog in your list!
Thank you for mentioning my blog. It is surely a blessing.
God Bless!
Thank you for including my blog on this. It means a lot - to continue the fight for life.

chet, as soon as possible it will come...life keeps bumping up on the list
One doesn't have the right to kill for convenience (i.e. most "legal" abortions) just because one doesn't believe in God (or feels no responsibility to God even if one does "believe"). The tenacity of the Democrats to protect their "right to kill" is quite telling regarding their brutal mentality.
Randy and Chet, the Biblical justification for killing in self-defense is in Exodus 22:2
Exodus 22:2 doesn't apply to Christians, per the words of Jesus in the gospels (Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27). Jesus's new law supercedes the Old Testament laws that it contradicts; thus, Exodus 22:2 is no longer in force for those who accept the New Testament (i.e. Christians.)
Chet (and anyone else who's interested),
If you're willing to consider a different perspective you may check Here, although it's not on exactly the same lines you'll get my point.

jr, great site, and I'm glad to have found out that you are doing this.
consider yourself bookmarked, linked, etc.
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