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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Comment Policy

Comments are welcome and encourage; yet, I always reserve the right to delete comments whenever I feel like it for whatever reason I choose. It’s my blog; I am the king of this domain. This blog is an exercise of my freedom of speech, not my guests.

I enjoy reading comments; I read every single one. When readers correct me, I am humbled by how much I have to learn. When readers agree with me, I am encouraged. When readers add to my understanding, I grow.

On the advice of better bloggers, however, I spend my blog-time writing from the bully pulpit and not verbally jousting with my guests. I have left the jousting to other readers. From my perspective, I have nothing to gain by dabbling in comments; ‘Why prove a man he is wrong’ says Dale Carnegie.

I recently wrote,
I loathe censorship. It takes time, energy, is generally counterproductive, and it devalues earned credibility. So, here I am loathing the thought of turning on Blogger's comment moderation. Why? If you've been a long-time RightFaith reader, you'll recognize that this site has a significant overhaul in terms of design and purpose since the beginning of the year. As the purpose has become more defined, I am now debating whether all comments fit into that purpose.

I am attempting to determine whether RightFaith should become a place where like minded bloggers can read and comment without fear of being bashed (respectfully or non-) or a place where everyone comments and people who agree with me laugh with incredulity at the thinking patterns of disagreeable, liberal-minded people.
I have deleted comments in the past because I have viewed them as offensive; others I have deleted because they were mean spirited and lacked substance. Through blogging, I have often been saddened to learn how many licentious people there are in the world. With their self-defining standard of morality, the judgments of the misguided have an appearance of wisdom but lacks power in distinguishing right from wrong. By not subscribing to an external ethic, their intentionally argumentative comments have the appearance of fact but may indeed just be statements intending to mislead the reader. Yet, I have permitted their comments.

My policy is not changing, but I will be applying that policy more liberally. RightFaith will not be a billboard for those who can not distinguish right from wrong. Comments that, in my opinion, do not align with the purpose of RightFaith will be deleted.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:

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