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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Confusion in Pennsylvania's Senate Race

PA State Treasurer, Bob Casey, is trying to oust Rick Santorum from his Senate seat. Yet, recent developments make me question the principles by which he leads. Is he really ready for national politics?

While the abortion advocates at NOW officially oppose his candidancy, the usually outspoken NARAL remains silent. The reason: Bob Casey's stance on abortion creates tension with his far-left, liberal base. (You know the far-left: the Michael Moore group; they support the ACLU and want to redefine American traditions. Sound familiar?) Well, I'm not convinced that he is strong enough to stand up to them.

For instance, while the majority of Pennsylvanians were in support, why was Bob Casey timid in supporting Justice Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court? It appears that to come out in support of "Pro-life Alito" would alienate Casey from his far-left, liberal base. Does his timidity count as pandering to the far-left wing of his party? --and he's not even elected!!!

Enter Hillary Clinton...

Why would Bob Casey accept a $10,000 donation from pro-abortion Senator, Hillary Clinton? If he were a principled person, shouldn't he return the money?

The answer is that the Hillary's donation, signals to the extreme-left democrat base that Bob Casey is "safe". Hillary's donation says to Michael Moore and the Daily Kos moonbats, 'It's ok to support Bob Casey, he's our kind of politician (wink, wink)'.

Shouldn't Casey reject these overtures? If he really understood Pennsylvania, he would stop pandering to the extreme liberal left and make it clear that his principles can not be purchased with a $10,000 donation. Sadly, he appears to be timid in doing so.

Bob, I'm confused. Are you sure your ready for national politics?

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