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Sunday, January 29, 2006

American Education: A Crisis Demanding Leadership

The defining issue for our nation is the direction and quality of education. Right now, we're failing.

On RightFaith, I will begin my first series of posts on education. It will dabble in the moral, but it will focused on policy, planning, and leadership for the 21st century. I bring plenty of experience and expertise on the subject; additionally, I will be drawing from the literature of more enlightened minds. I hope you enjoy it. To illustrate my concern, here's a quick statistic:
American students fizzle in international comparisons, placing 18th in reading, 22nd in science and 28th in math — behind countries like Poland, Australia and Korea. But why? Are American kids less intelligent? (cite)
Links to this weeks published research will appear on this post each day. So by linking to this post exclusively, you will avoid linking to each individual report. Contact me with your questions or recommendations.

Part 1: Defining the Problem.
Part 2: School Choice: Saving America for our Children
Part 3: School Choice: Sustaining American Exceptionalism
Part 4: Gay Activism in Public Schools
Part 5: Fighting Gay Activism in Public Schools

Appendix A: Examining the Complex Relationship between Christians and Homosexuals

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