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Thursday, February 23, 2006

France's Moral Supremacy??!

A report commissioned by the President of France's National Assembly has taken a strong stance in defense of marriage! The authors of the report traveled extensively throughout the European Union and North America and concluded, in a 450-page Parliamentary Report on the Family and the Rights of Children, that homosexual unions should not be recognized as marriages, that homosexual couples should not be permitted to adopt children, and that homosexuals should not have access to medically assisted procreation. "Marriage is not merely the contractual recognition of the love between a couple," the report's authors said.

The importance of this report cannot be stressed too much. French voters last year decisively rejected the new Constitution for the European Union. Here, apparently, is another move away from the policies being pushed by the Eurocrats in Brussels. A key to this entire report is a fresh understanding of the right of the child to be raised in a wholesome and stable family environment. So long as the rights of the child are understood in these terms, we can only applaud. That French phrase--vive la difference--is usually offered with a knowing wink. It has always meant, "long live the difference between men and women." It's important to recognize the secular arguments that support the eternal truths embodied in this report. More here--worth the read!


Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Terrific. How long before we get our own committee saying the same thing?
Why stop there? Why should gays be suffered to live at all? I'm sure France probably has some gas chambers or something laying around.

This committee is outrageous. Why not just declare war on fags and get it over with?
I love reading the reasonable comments of the far-left. Their analysis is so deep and insightful. Oh, thank you!!!
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