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Friday, February 03, 2006

Islamicists Conquer by Force

Using the Western "tolerance virtue" against itself, Islamicists are protesting Denmark's depiction of Muhammad because Islamic law forbids depictions in order to prevent idolatry.

The goal of Islam to conquer the world, by force if necessary, to spread its religion; the history of Islam is bloody. Before someone uses the trite comparion of the crusades to Islam, I want to firmly reject the crusades and forced conversion. Jesus would not have approved. Yet, Muhammad approved and participated in violent acts against Jews and non-Muslims. I'm not making this stuff up. I have studied and reported it here.

The recent riots in France were not, as the MSM reported, simply unemployed youth; pockets of Islamic culture clashed against France's western culture. Eventually, France conceded and a victory for Islam was acheived. Now Denmark is being give the opportunity to set its own course. Studying the history of Islam places jihad, riots in France, protests against Denmark in perspective. They are extending their battle against non-Muslim cultures and using the "tolerance virtue" as their weapon. Will the illogical virtue of 'tolerance' rule Denmark's future, or will they unite to set their own course?

I really like reading Laura's writing at Pursuing Holiness and here she tackles this issue pointing out an apparent hypocrisy between the 'conservative right' supporting Denmark's freedom to depict Muhammed while concurrently boycotting NBC for it's depiction of Christians. She says,
"It’s ironic that at the same time conservative Christians are signing petitions and blogging in support of Denmark’s right to publish cartoons of Mohammed that offend Muslims, that we are going to scream and yell about a TV show that is not exactly the epitome of Christian values to begin with.....It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison to say that Christians are engaging in the hysteria Muslims do where blasphemy or even mild criticism of their religion is concerned. We’re not burning flags, making bomb threats, and threatening to kidnap people.
I suggest the difference is that of internal versus external pressure. Every nation, within the bounds of world safety, has the right to determine its own culture. Concurrently, the people within that culture have a right to effect change within it. No nation should be forced to succomb to external pressure in changing its culture against its will; yet, this is what is happening to Denmark. I want Denmark to be able to establish its own culture free from external pressures. Where internal pressure exists to change its culture (there is a very small minority), lawful means should be used to influence the culture.

Christians want America to reject the secular progressive movement that NBC obviously supports. We don't want America to look like Europe. To that end, boycotts and using other market forces are possible tools. But, Christians must also remember that the primary method that Christians utilize for changing cultures is praying that God changes people's hearts. More on this primary goal here. It's happened before with both the first and second Great Awakenings; hopefully it'll happen again.

Powerline comments here.
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