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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Lord is Definitely Process Oriented

Those who know me or who have taken the time the read the "About JR" link know that I'm looking for a job. The Bible says that He has a plan for our lives and that I can trust Him. But, today I almost lost it.

I found a job that I was very interested in and qualified, which produced a bit of an emotional/excited response. So, I spend about two hours this morning tayloring my resume and cover letter, filling out the online application, attaching my documents.... Finally, it's ready and I click submit only to read:
"We are no longer accepting applications for this position."
Reponse Number 1: Ahhhh!!!!! (face in hands; loud groaning noises in an otherwise quiet, public place producing strange looks; hands shaking head of hair vigorously).

time passes....

Response Number 2: "Lord, what in the heck are you doing wrong?" (Sense of immediate fatherly correction, "I'm not doing anything wrong.").

time passes....(standing up, walking around)

Response Number 3: Ok, if you're not doing anything wrong, then maybe I am. Or maybe I just don't get WHAT you ARE doing. (laughing aloud; another spectacle causing event) Do you get a big kick out of me trying so hard to find a job and detailing my application for hours only to be rejected because it's simply not your will? Are you laughing at me? (another opportunity for corrective, fatherly discipline, "Why would get pleasure in mocking you?").

time passes....

Response Number 4: Well, if what you do, you do perfectly then how can I align with what you're doing....Lord...you there?

time passes....

....I'm going on a walk.

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