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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday (today): open post

I'm taking the day off. See you tomorrow.

Register your questions, snide remarks, and suggestions by commenting; or, trackback to your best, or current best, post (of course I'll repost them).

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I like your new header. see ya tomorrow.
Hi JR--I was reading about "Stewardship of Patrimony" in your absence. A question I have always wondered about is, how can our 'minority' citizenry embrace stewardship that offered them such unfair dividends them over the centuries? How can the disenfranchised value those who constructed a system in which they were slaves and are now underprivileged? If we refer to our religious heritage, many profess faith in the same God but are miles apart in need to 'conserve' the old and forstall the new. Maybe we need revise somehow what our forebearers shaped so that all feel included in the process. Just a thought.
You're talking about Hispanics, right? Or maybe Jews? Perhaps, Arabs? They are all minorities in America.

Well, I don't know who you are talking about; but the language you are using mirrors that of black victimolists. I assume that you're talking about black people (frankly, no other group uses victim mongering).

I reject victimology. Click here to learn where I stand.
Have you ever been beat up because you were in a place you "didn't belong"? I have been. I'm a girl who just doesn't know her place, and that's gotten me beat up, by my own teammates. I was the first girl to play hockey in my hometown, and there were a number of parents and boys that didn't like that. At all. So that was obviously a good reason to beat me up every practice. But I didn't quit, because I really just love hockey (which is rough and tumble anyway, so I just learned how to fight) and I'm about as stubborn as they come. I made it onto a college team and the rest of those bastards didn't. Ha.

I don't see myself as a victim, but I do see that it is still necessary to fight and bleed even just for everyday things like playing hockey.
Hi JR--I ask this question not to dispute what you have said. I am sincerely interested in engaging those YOU might think of as victims who may appear to sabotage the good in our system, throwing out the 'baby with the bath water.' (PS, however, even victims need a means to heal.) African American and Native Americans are two minorities who did not choose the America we know today. Immigrants who came after them DID choose the America we know today. Africa Americans were brought in slavery, Native Americans were largely eliminated or contained in reservations. It would make sense that these groups would have more difficulty in experiencing the American dream and receiving the full heritage from our forefathers since our forefathers'hands are dirty, so to speak. How can we finally address these issues to bring the most dignity and opportunity to members of these minorities. I think we've done some things poorly(welfare, land endowments). How can we address the disenfranchised in more constructive ways. The high crime rate is a good motivation to think about this.
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