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Monday, February 20, 2006

"One nation, under the ACLU..."

If the inalienable rights endowed by the Creator were the foundation for the separation of the colonies from England, shouldn't the ACLU support the dissolution of the (now) states under which they may be re-incorporated as an atheistic union?

The ACLU, the democratic party, and other secular progressivists want to turn America into Europe (with all it's licentiousness, soft-communistic agenda, and the notable absence of God). This explains the reason that John Kerry, in his failed presidential attempt, was fond of repeating that we need to admire our European counterparts. His obsession, and the obsession of certain members of the supreme court, with foreign governments expose their hatred of America and its principles--and the foundation of those principles.

In this most recent example, the ACLU is using fear, intimidation, and the threat of a lawsuit to save children from the Bible:
The civil rights group says only that it is gathering information. But its interest alone may bring significant changes as educators examine what the classes teach and, perhaps more importantly, who teaches them (cite).
My message to the local school board: "Go to the mattresses." You must fight them and never give up; you must refuse to back down just because of a lawsuit. Their intimidation must not be allowed to influence school curriculum. You will gain the admiration of your community by fighting their radical, secular progressive agenda.

Schools are not political institutions; they are educational. Allowing the ACLU to determine the curriculum of the schools instead of parents and teachers undermine the democracy that our founders established.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I think you may be confusing Europe with some areas of Northern Europe. Italy, Spain and France all recognize the Catholic church as part of their primary institutions. In Italy the government allows you to dedicate 8 per 1000 of the taxes you pay to the government to be given to the religious organization of your choice.

Additionally Europeans are more prolife, whether pre or post natal than the US.

Finally I believe you are referring to the socialist party when you speak of progressive behavior. The primary difference between the Rep or Dem in the US and the socialists in Europe is that Europe is more in tune with the needs of the working guy and less in tune with corporations. This is not to say that they are perfect, without corruption or better than what we have here simply that your comparison is playing on "common knowledge" that simply is not informed.
I stand behind my original post but thank you for your comment.

Enjoy this article, Is God Dead in Europe? that highlights some recent findings on the social health of Europe.
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