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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sex, Feminism, and American Culture

Dame Anita Roddick has hit out at pop icons such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears for celebrating the sex industry. The Body Shop founder said she despairs of the "pimp and whore" culture in which pop stars simulate sex and celebrities talk proudly about visiting lap-dancing clubs.

Dame Anita told the Standard: "A lot of people seem to think it's cool to be a pimp or a whore. It's not cool. The reality is dark and evil and appalling and unregulated. The reality is sexual trafficking, which is about young women being forced into rooms to have sex however many times a day so the pimp can take all the money. I don't get it."

Dame Anita, 63, said such imagery, coupled with the multi-million-pound beauty advertising industry, made it virtually impossible for young women to grow up with high self-esteem. She said: "There are thousands of ads mostly focused on women and young girls that say you are not attractive, you are not sexy, you are not intelligent unless you look like this... [in] kids' magazines there is a passivity and a stupidity that is seen as the great way forward.

"And then you hear the statistics that we have the most violent young women in Europe because of binge drinking. I haven't got much hope. Something's gone very wrong (cite)."
I don't find myself agreeing with feminism but Dame Anita has hit the nail on the head regarding this. The sexual revolution of the 1960's was filled with lies--lies that are believed to this day.

Traditionally, sex was intended for marriage, between one-man and one woman, in a committed loving relationship, resulting in children. After all, that’s the way God intended it. The minds of the 1960’s said that this view of sex was an infringement upon your sexual freedom—who is God, family, or church to tell you act in such a personal area of your life. As long people (2 or more) consent without hurting anyone else, you don’t have to abide by anyone else’s standards or authority. Without thought to original intent, consequences, or boundaries, sex was popularized. And it continues to be supported in high school curriculum, on televisions, movies, and dominated on the internet.

The sexual revolution is now so ingrafted into the American culture, that our music now includes graphic sexual sounds. For instance, the "catchy coital anthem "Disco Libido" has debuted at No. 37...proving a song comprising actual sex sounds isn't just an aural tease. With lyrics such as, "Now we must dance, so later we f-," the not-so-subtle single comes from "The Sex Album" by Jessica Vale, released in October. The album's music is composed of sounds of live couples copulating - with some acts performed by the vocal vixen herself.

"People have gotten over the fact that it's made out of sex," says Vale, 27, who heard about her chart position while vacationing with boyfriend and co-producer Ivan Evangelista at Graceland. "Now they can just listen to music and move on (cite)."

But, the sexual revolution was a lie! And our society is literally paying for the consequences financially, but also socially, intellectually, morally, and culturally. There has been an increase in teen sexuality, encouraged by all forms of media, resulting in an increase in teen pregnancy (leading to more high school drop-outs, more people on welfare, more government dependency, increased drug use, more domestic violence). There are 1.3 million abortions per year (that’s how we cope with the unintended consequences of sexual freedom), not to mention guilt and sterility from abortion. Now we have a higher divorce rate (children with absent moms or dads), homosexuality, push for homosexual marriage, epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, destructive gangsta rap, and increased sexual violence. The lie progpagated by the sexual revolution was that nothing mattered except self-gratification and personal authenticity; now we reap the consequences.

Linked: News for Christians

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
"Traditionally, sex was intended for marriage, between one-man and one woman, in a committed loving relationship, resulting in children. After all, that’s the way God intended it."

Then why did "God" let Abraham beget a son by another woman (Hagar) when his wife couldn't produce one for a long, long time? And for your enlightenment, there are many, many human societies where polygamy is still practiced and is considered correct. Christianity and Christianity's Bible is not the only truth.
The Bible's clear that Abraham's action was not pleasing to the Lord.

What other societies do is not sufficient basis for determining what is right and wrong.
"...many, many human societies where polygamy is still practiced and considered correct..."
I wonder if there are any societies where women have a polygamous broud of husbands? I tend to believe that polygamony is not a matter of truth but of power and convenience. Men dominate in some ethnic cultures and so they are the source of welfare/sustenance to the women in that culture, hence polygamy. In a marriage between a man and a woman, there's stands much more of a chance that power is negotiated and lesser chance of harm and abusive control of the woman. It seems that Truth God reveals is pragmatic--works best and is common sense.
the view from her was just talking about this at this post: Smart Sex.

I recommend it.
I wonder if there are any societies where women have a polygamous broud of husbands?

Yes, but the word for that is "polyandry", not polygamy.

Just google for "polyandrous society" and I'm sure you'll find many examples. Or you could start at Wikipedia.
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