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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks and Blog Reviews

For some time, I've been wanting to recognize some of my favorite blogs and their authors who invest countless hours into making them some of the best reading on the web. I want to personally thank each of these authors for their work and encourage all bloggers everywhere to incorporate them into their blogrolls.

Amy's Humble Musings is some of the most entertaining writing from a pregnant Christian mom married to a rocket scientist. Mixing a quick wit with the ability to laugh at herself and life, I think Amy has got a winning combination. My wife's a big fan too.

Laura at Pursuing Holiness is also near the top of the list. Her easy to read style of writing on topics relevant for Christians makes Pursuing Holiness an essential. She is no intellectual push-over but instead regularly challenges me to rethink my perspective.

Mere Comments is the blog of Touchstone Magazine. I have no idea what Touchstone Magazine is, but their blog is provocative and tackles relevant issues to conservative Christians.

the view from her is a treat. How could you not be intrigued by a single woman who, interacting within a sexualized culture, maintains her Christian faith. Jan's authentic call-it-the-way-she-see's-it style of blogging is hilarious. "Priceless" is how I would describe 'the view from her'.

Alex and Brett Harris, twin teens, have a great thing going at The Rebelution. Not only do they address relevant issues in an easily accessible writing style, they're genuine. Don't be naive; the Rebelution provides quality reading for all ages.

I really like the JollyBlogger. While it sounds like it a movement of happy bloggers, it actually is quite enjoyable reading about issues related to the culture and theology. David's reformed perspective clearly permeates every post in a easy to read style of writing. I like it.

News for Christians is an essential daily read. Robert takes the time to surf through I don't know how many blogs to find the hidden treasures. I'm impressed by both the quality and quantity of writing he highlights. If you want to know what's bloggering in the Christian blogosphere, it's essential reading.

I've been impressed by Writing Right though admittedly I only found out about Stacy's blog last week. It's a good read for understanding culture and recently has given much attention to the homosexual agenda. She writes well; I've enjoyed it.

Speaking of the culture war, there have been a several blogs to place Forward Operations in the Culture War (see right) onto their blog. You can too.

I get my political fix from great sites like Polipundit, Stop the ACLU, Expose the Left, Right Wing News, and Red State.

I've left many out because there isn't time; in fact, there are so many bloggers who are better than me. I love it when someone emails me and asks me to check out their site because, usually, it's great. While I have benefited from the 400-600 who have links to RightFaith, frankly, better blogging is easy to find. I guarantee however that as long I have an audience, I'll continue to do the best I can to make sure that RightFaith is all that we can make it. Also, a special thanks to my daily readers. You're the best readers I could ever hope for.

One last plug. Oneplace.com is the best Christian resource I have found online. Most every Christian or questioner who has ever benefitted from listening to a speaker/preacher will benefit from this resource. Please don't go another day without at least checking it out. I never miss listening to Tony Evans or Ravi Zacharias; what would I do with Oneplace.com?!?!

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Thanks for the love, JR! This is a very nice review, and I appreciate it. You have a nice blog here, and lots of interesting links I will probably have to check out. Keep it up!
Does your wife bog? If so where?

God Bless,
i had never heard about 'the view from her'

i clicked over there and couldn't stop reading. thanks
Hi Amber! Thanks for asking. My wife doesn't blog; though she reads them often. Maybe in future.
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