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Saturday, February 04, 2006

VA Politicians Reject Parental Rights

If you're from Virginia, take these names down:
Senator Charles Colgan (29-D);
Senator Benjamin Lambert (9-D);
Senator William Wampler (40-R);
Senator Walter Stosch (12-R);
Senator Edward Houck (17-D);
Senator Charles Hawkins (19-R);
Senator Janet Howell (32-D);
Senator Richard Saslaw (35-D);
Senator Kenneth Stolle (8-R);
Senator Frederick Quayle (13-R);
Senator Thomas Norment (3-R);
Senator Russell Potts (27-R);
Senator Emmett Hanger (24-R);
Senator John Watkins (10-R).

These Senators voted unamiously against funding smaller schools, against creating competition in schools to improve quality and innovation, and against decreasing expenditures. They voted against giving parents a choice to save their children from failing schools. They voted with 'big government/big education' groups like the Virginia PTA, the Virginia Education Association, and Virginia Association of School Boards.

Despite the largest tax increase in state history last year, these Senators can't find the money for improving your child's education.

Why was this bill so evil? It gave parents the ability to choose which school is best for their children. If passed this bill would have brought the cost of non-public schools within reach for thousands of Virginia families. But, now, the doors have been locked for these underprivleged children. Only the rich will go to good schools in Virginia--these Senators made sure of that.

If Senators can't get it done, maybe the House will. HB 1294 allows the full House of delegates to vote on "a substantial school choice measure". With this bill, we will see whether Virginia representatives believe politicians or parents are better in making decisions for their children.

Find you VA Senator here and tell them you support HB 1294.

See why school choice works here.

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