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Monday, February 20, 2006

When to Censor High School Texts

When do we censor books? Certainly we censor plenty of other things in the American high school. Why not Girl Interupted, which is described this way:
"It's a book about an 18-year-old,' Heath explains, 'who ends up in a mental asylum and has a number of conversations with mentally disturbed people -- conversations of the most graphic sort, especially sexual. The f-word [appears] 30 times in one page, and this is being given to freshmen in high school as literature. It's absolutely horrifying (cite).' "

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Hi, just wanted to leave a short comment. I do not feel we should censor anything. I read many books while I was in High School, some had rough language and themes, but it did not kill me. Censorship may start harmlessly enough, but will always end up badly.
How about Playboy? Should we censor that? Or how about graphic descriptions of pedophilia? Seems to me that surely there are some things we should censor.
Who decides what we censor? What makes you so special that you think you've got the right to tell my kids what they can and can't read? You're so worried that your kids might hear an idea that isn't pre-approved by you that you don't care about anything else. You don't care what anybody else might want for their children, you don't care what is best for other children in different circumstances because apparently every single child ever comes from a nice little WASP rich Christian home with well-educated and adjusted parents. No child ever spends time in a mental health facility, or struggles with sexuality, or with abuse, or anything, thus nobody could ever possibly want to read such dirty disgusting books about dirty disgusting people. And that's what you're really saying here, in case you didn't know it. By judging these books filthy, you're judging the people who can relate to these books through personal experience as filthy. I'm happy for you that your life is so great that reading these books will just sully your perfect existance.
Why all the hate-filled attacks? Who are you to so arrogantly judge me and my perspective? Upon what foundation do you make such slanderous accusations?

You assume that which you do not know or understand, and that is your greatest hindrance to growth.
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Who's black? and what are you talking about? This isn't the type of nonsense that I've grown accustomed to from you.
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