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Friday, March 24, 2006


I am overwhelmed with offense by reading of Ford's active promotion of homosexual behavior and marriage.

They sell cars. Why should Ford get involved in such an explosive cultural issue? I do not know; but, the culture war rages on and Ford is taking a front seat.

Learn more about Ford's active promotion of homosexuality here. Feel free to steal a banner.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Thanks Right Faith!
I have owned many Fords but rest assured there will be NO More!!!
I guess with sales down due to increasing gas prices they seek funds elsewhere? Pity
It's sick to boycott Ford. I definitely don't like their vehicles, or the American car industry in general. But to punish a company for taking a stance, on a group that has been oppressed is just wrong. While I'm opposed to all corporate donations to ANY organization, picking ford out of a crowd is wrong. Surely if you looked into other companies you'd find a lot more "dirt". Bankruptcy of Ford is just another step towards the inevitable bankruptcy of the USA itself. I guess what I'm getting at is that the problem isn't the fact that they are donating to a controversial movement, but rather that the idea of corporate/charitable donations is the real issue. Whether its homosexuals, or any other topic where people disagree, it would be solved by banning corporate donations. Because after all, that is money that should be kept for the shareholders, and those with a stake in the companies future (employees).
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