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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

University: Muslim Cartoons No Way but Jesus in Oral Sex OK

"The University of Saskatchewan student newspaper, The Sheaf, has published a cartoon depicting Jesus performing oral sex on a pig with the caption reading, 'Go on, it's ok, it's kosher if you don't swallow'. The decision to publish the outrageously offensive 'Capitalist Piglet' cartoon comes after the same newspaper refused to print the cartoons mocking Mohammed out of respect for Islam." More here.

Remarkably blasphemous and hypocritical. This site has been established to promote the boycott of the paper.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I'm willing to bet that the cartoons weren't published out of respect so much as a fear of being horribly killed. Since the Pope doesn't pay folks for the severed heads of infidel cartoonists, people feel a lot more free to insult Christianity. But I'm of the opinion that all belief systems (including my own) are fair game for mockery.
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