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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Inherently Evil

"While they look innocent, they really are wicked and rebellious," said a good friend of mine and new father about his son. I protested, "What kind of father are you? (jokingly) How could you say this? He looks so sweet!"

I finally get it; he was right. Who taught my cousin, at the age of 6, that lying was acceptable? Who taught the 10-year-old girl next to me in the coffeeshop that screaming is an acceptable form of voicing dissent or desire (I'm about to turn and give her mom some much needed asssistance.) If a code of morality is written on the hearts of man and expressed, among other things, in common rightness among differing cultures, why are kids born breaking it?

Kids lie, scheme, manipulate, complain, and are generally sinners of opportunity. If given the choice, they rarely choose good. And, if they choose good, they are inclined to choose it for the wrong reasons. How frustrated this must make parents! (Sorry, Mom).

Bullying is another manifestation of this evil. I use the word 'evil intentionally; kids are inherently inclined toward evil. I saw this when I worked in the local school system. Don't take my word for it, take the Principal's. Get this: He is a public school principal who is a strong advocate for homeschooling--his perspective is priceless. He is writing a series on public school safety; here is an excerpt:
Every Day in America 160,000 students stay at home from school because they are afraid of how they might be treated by their peers. Every day thousands or millions more come to school with a knot in their guts unable to concentrate, learn, or perform at their best because they are afraid they will be insulted, harassed, assaulted, or worse. Every day....
He's a credible, quality writer with a lot to share. Enjoy.

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Congrats to your friend. Congrats to you for an excellent post!
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