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Monday, June 26, 2006

Online Involvement for Social Conservatives

The following links are civic involvment opportunities for social conservatives:

Oppose plans by the National Education Association to approve and promote homosexual marriage, click here.

Write Governor who fired Christian for personal convictions, click here.

Boycott Ford, click here.

Support the Pledge Protection Act, click here.

Oppose S 471 -- the Stem-Cell Research Bill, click here.

Support the 'Public Expression of Religion Act', click here.

Contact President Bush and ask him to keep nominating the good judges he promised, click here.

On Illegal Immigration, Tell Congress: Compassion, Yes, But Security First, click here.

Ask Congress to pass "Holly's Law," click here.

Ask Congress to pass "We, The People Act (H.R. 4379)," click here.

Ask Governor Pataki to stop discriminating against owners of skating rink for Christian Skate Night, click here.

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