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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pausing for a moment of thanks

I praise the God of Heaven and Earth, the most powerful and sovereign Creator, for his wonderful and praise worthy invention: the coffee bean.

My first cup of coffee was over a dinner with my mom, at Frisch's Big Boy, around the age of 8. I put so much sugar in there that the coffee taste was barely recognizable.

I was late in my high school years when I patronized my first coffee shop called 'The Buzz'. Quite the alternative place (had an "unusual" smoke filling the air) but a good brew nonetheless. Social drinking was motive.

In college, I needed coffee. It kept me in my 'A' game and helped to produce some great grades, memorable moments late at night, and helped to pay for my way through.

After college, the opportunity to drink coffee was sought out. I had coffee appointments several times per week with friends, not to mention solo every morning at work. I really became interested in taste and quality during this time; no more Maxwell House for me. No more burnt roasted or pre-ground beans.

Now, having spent all my money on coffee up to this point, the treasured cup of quality coffee is rare treat. I've also learned to coordinate my caffeine intake with my sleep schedule. Yet, the clarity with which I think of drinking a cup of coffee tingles my senses so that I can even smell it right now.

The Creator did well and today I give Him thanks for the coffee bean.

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