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Monday, June 26, 2006

Where is the outrage?!

E.D. offers outrage where there otherwise would have been none. She's upset that our marines are beaten, slaughtered, and mutliated, but no one seems to be concerned; meanwhile, the alleged torture of detainees in Gitmo, etc., has every liberal condemning our soldiers. Well said, E.D.

Linked in good form at Independent Christian Voice.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I keep hearing those on the right claiming the "liberals" aren't condemning the treatment of the soldiers by the insurgents. My question is simply, who are you listening to? I've heard widespread outrage, from left to middle to right. Perhaps selective hearing is preventing people like E.D. from hearing liberal outrage.

The second question I have is, are you and your fellow conservatives putting the United States on the same level as the insurgents? In other words, are our standards as Americans (especially as Christian Americans) only as high as that of the enemy we condemn?

I'm outraged. I'm outraged that we're looking to insurgents to be our standard bearer for fair and civilized treatment of enemies.
Since 9/11, over 5,000 Al Qaeda or related persons have been killed or captured; that's not enough. More need to die or be captured. Why? Because they want to kill you and me. Our front-line defenders are our military and we should be very thankful for them.

Instead, John Kerry says our troops are the terrorists; John Murtha says that the US is the greatest danger to peace in the world. The NY Terrorist-tipping Times puts American lives at risk by broadcasting our secrets to the enemy. Meanwhile, the ACLU wants to give the benefits of US citizenship to the barbarians who mutilate our soldiers by cutting off their genitals.

If terrorists want to act like animals by mutilating men and cutting off their genitals, they shouldn't receive the same citizenship benefits as my children; they are fundamentally different. I treat people who want to kill me, you, and my children different than I treat my friends.
How do you justify that scripturally?
How do you justify that water freees at 32 degrees scripturally?
Genesis 1:1.

But to your previous point, I didn't claim that they should receive the same citizenship benefits as your children; they should not, unless they are, in fact, citizens. What they are entitled to under international law is basic human rights. And, more importantly, we cannot claim higher moral ground and defend a higher standard of human rights while employing the very same brutality we find so offensive and we so self-righteously condemn.

I'll leave you with this since your last answer suggests you do not want to have a meaningful, reasonable and scripturally based discussion: It's hard to defend such a "they did it so we should to" policy given Jesus' commands to "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you."

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