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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 Convicted Murderers + ACLU = Adult Magazines in Prison

That's right, on behalf of 20,000 inmates, the ACLU is suing for the right to have murderers look at pornography in prison--a privilege recently taken away possibly due to inmate violence or sexual crimes.

In another recent case, Americans United (AU; the ACLU sister) saw that a faith-based group was removed from a state prison because it was too much like proselytizing.

Secular humanist are pro-porn and anti-Christian. I suppose their goal is a bunch of horny athiests. Imagine if the ACLU and AU maintained opposite positions; prisons might be full of reformed inmates who were disciplined Christians. Isn't changing prisoners from murders to non-murderers a good thing?

Thanks for the Link: The Conservative Spread

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
This is a topic that really disturbs me. I have seen the effects that porn has played in the life of someone who spent eleven years in prison and how it warped his mind. He didn't even consider women to be "women" anymore. We are just "females" to him. He also ended up sexually abusing three kids when he got out. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, in his past before he went to prison to indicate that he would ever do such a thing. He went to prison for recieving stolen goods and breaking into a jewelry shop. But, I firmly believe that after eleven years of being locked up with all manner of criminals and having to deal with the realities of prison (homosexual sex and porn) that it did something to him.
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