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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Actively Oppose GLBT Corporate Sponsors

Gay rights activists are powerful because they have money and are organized. Well, today, I've decided to contact the sponsors of the gay rights community as listed on this page. I've written the letter below to the companies further below where I could find the email address. Should you wish to do the same, feel free to use the links and letter provided.
Good day,

I was disappointed to see that your company is listed as a sponsor of the Human Right Campaign. With every dollar you have given to the HRC, you have stated your opposition to the traditions of Americans including Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Under the guise of equality, the HRC supports a secular progressive agenda aimed at destroying the strongly held traditions of the American majority. Among other things, the HRC wants to redefine the traditional definition of marriage and elevate GLBT-choice to the status of a civil right. With your financial support of HRC, you are actively supporting an agenda that the majority of Americans reject and people of faith have historically rejected.

The American culture has provided the platform for your financial success; why, as though it has wronged you, do you now aggressively seek to change it? Why engage in the culture war by partnering with the HRC?

Please rethink your decision to support HRC. As a person of faith, your decision will influence my future business habits.

Jefferson Reed
CitiGroup, citigroupfoundation@citigroup.com
Prudential, community.resources@prudential.com
Hotels.com, parent is Expedia.com, expcomre@expedia.com and mktgopp@expedia.com
Washington Mutual, investor.relations@wamu.net
Hilton, corporate_communications@hilton.com

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