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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alan Keyes on THE Veto

"Alan Keyes: A truly presidential veto:
'Surely,' say the demagogues, 'an embryo in a Petri dish can't be compared to a 10-year-old girl. They are materially quite different.' But as the 10-year-old differs materially from the embryo, so the distinguished scientist with an IQ of 176 differs from the 10-year-old. As a matter of fact, the potential of the 10-year-old can't measure up to the proven achievements of the adult. Our sense of justice isn't based on their material condition, but on a moral principle that asserts the worth of every human being, regardless of material condition. If we abandon that principle because an embryo is not as materially developed as a 10-year-old, what shall we say when someone points out that we are not as materially developed as the scientist whose knowledge may save thousands, or the general whose skills are needed to defend millions. Will we accept the judgment that our claims of right are irrelevant because our betters have developed the material know-how and means to benefit or destroy us?"
HT: BirthStory

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
The measure of a person is on the purity of his spirituality and not on his materiality. An embryo possess the purity of his spirit as he is not yet affected by the materialty and dirt of the current world.It's conservative and noble to consider eternity and infinity rather than things which are only recognized by numbers of years and physics.
Indeed our worth is based on our very being, having been formed in the image of God, however marred that image may be. It is the world that weighs worth on usefulness and raw abilities alone.
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