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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Carter's Questionable Comparison

I think Jimmy Carter is a nut--there, I've said it. Today, he gave us one more reason to question his mental state when he contrasted the United States of America to Jamaica.

This is the same Jamaica where elections are bought with hundreds of goats, chickens, pigs. This Jamaica is the same nation whose people have such a hard time controlling its sexuality they've earned the distinction of second-highest HIV infection rate after sub-Saharan Africa. Jamaica, where allegations of corruption are so incredibly prevealent, that the corrupt government passed an Anti-corruption Act. Consider the commentary of a recent task force studying Jamaican rule of law:
"There is general consensus that Jamaica suffers from endemic corruption and that this has been spreading throughout the system ­ is institutionalised in the police force, and is evident in the Department of Corrections, and even in the judiciary".
I question President Carter's competency when he makes such vulgar comparisons. Jimmy wants the US to mirror Jamaica, why?

While President Carter, the ACLU, liberal democrats, the NY Times, and terrorists might want more access to information, American's don't seem to mind the use of secrecy to protect them from another 9/11. And, of course, he is attacking the administration for their determination to keep secret the strategies for fighting the war against Islamofacism. Do you really think he wants faster processing of the small business form 591 regarding estate appraisal?

We do not need, as he says, "fewer secrets," we need a smaller less intrusive government committed to the restraint defined in the Constitution. The government that governs best, governs least.

I appreciate the former President's love of his country and his inability to retire (I hope I'm the same way), but, while questioning his reasoning skills, adding his voice to the parties mentioned above doesn't do much for his credibilty.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
After reading both this blog and the commentary by Jimmy Carter, I can't help but feel that the basis for calling Jimmy Carter a nut for referencing Jamaica is somewhat skewed.
I thought I was exercising a bit of restraint in doing so.

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