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Monday, July 24, 2006

Change the world with less than 5 minutes per week

When does a television show become worthy of contacting its advertisers because of its filth. How about this? In the opening teaser of FX's Rescue Me:
* Tommy (main character) is raped by his ex wife.
* In another scene, homosexual character Mike has sex with two women to get back at his boyfriend after a 'lover's spat' at a bar.
* Tommy is raped by another women after being drugged.
What about language? Is any language worth reacting to? How about this:
Profanity a total of 104 in one hour:
* 's' word - 28 times
* God's name in vain - 31 times
* a-- - 15 times
* sexually-related profanities - 17
* other profanities - 13 "

And this is only 1 (ONE) episode.
Well, I agree with the AFA and say 'yes'. That's why I have several links to the right; opportunities for you to use the power of your email account to change the world for the better. Join Me. Join Us. Take less than 5 minutes. Change the world.

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