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Friday, July 21, 2006

Connecting the Dots

The NY Times reports that Saddam Hussein has written a letter to America asking for its withdraw from Iraq. Many here and here have opined that the DNC actually provided the talking points upon which Saddam wrote his plea.

While it is still a preliminary finding, RightFaith has learned that Cynthia McKinney has been missing from Congress and her debates recently because she actually hand delievered the Arabic typewriter upon which Saddam wrote the letter. If you look closely at the typewriter she delivered, you'll notice the White House seal on the back right side. Thus, McKinney has been acting on behalf the White House, specifically Karl Rove who planted the typewriter, so that Saddam would write his letter just time for the DNC to look like idiots just prior to the November Elections.

Geesh, sometimes I even amaze myself.

But the real question I have is why the White House has an Arabic typewriter. I don't know, but I have it on good sources that the President Himself is actually in control of OPEC and he is making millions from the recent hike in oil prices and the crisis in the Middle East.

Ok, if this is your first read at RightFaith, welcome; this is satirical post and not meant to be taken seriously.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Hey, sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

D. Ox
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