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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DNC's New 5-point plan for Redefining Marriage

1. [Label] the anti-gay ballot measures “divisive” ploys by the Republicans and others to deflect voter attention from other important issues, including “the Bush’s administration’s failed policies;”

2. [Train] state party operatives in all 50 states on how to campaign against anti-gay ballot measures;

3. [Work] closely with the gay group National Stonewall Democrats to “develop strategy and talking points” on the anti-gay ballot measure issue;

4. [Work] cooperatively with campaign organizations fighting the ballot measures in each state where they surface, providing campaign advice, expertise, and logistical and financial support;

5. “[E]mpower and organize GLBT communities around the country” through the help of the DNC’s new gay outreach organizer Brian Bond.
Call it bad names, attack the President, work together; more of the same is not very ingenious but don't be fooled as to its innocence.

Exegeting the DNC's Plan
The momentum for the traditional definition of marriage continues to build whenever it is on the ballot; so this is target number one--keep marriage off the ballot.

Second, because the people speak clearly against gay marriage when focussed, their goal is to distract the people while they quietly redefine marriage. So whenever the subject of marriage comes up, change the topic.

The DNC wants all power gravitated toward itself; thus number 5 is a ploy to have influence over these constituents. Numbers 3 and 4 are the carrots to encourage gay organizations to rally around the DNC.

We could end all of this with the Federal Marriage Amendment. Social conservatives are stubborn and their mind is already made up on this issue. So we win this issue or they give up.

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