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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Energy Independence--A Farce?

Here's the point of this column: energy independence will never happen therefore we should: 1) increase regulation, 2) work with China--of all countries--to mend our ecologically offensive ways, 3) be more like Europe, 4) not make Middle East angry at us, and 5) recognize that we are bad people. It's really not worth reading, but let me offer a few thoughts about energy independence.

Call it the innovation of America, but these farmers made enough energy for 300 homes out of a decidedly alternative energy source. Now I don't advocate the ridiculous notion of a manure-powered plant, but I sure would like to see some leadership in the area of alternative energy.

I appreciate capitalism and regularly hate large government initiatives; however, our national security depends upon government's initative in breaking the oil addiction. John Kennedy said we would land on the moon within 10 years and then he invested the resources of our government into doing so. Where is that kind of bold leadership? All I see is talk, political verbosity, and nothing being done to assuage our high energy costs and dependence.

I don't believe energy independence is a farce any more than man was never meant to fly. I'm just looking for a leader who offers more than words and wreckless cynicism, which is all this columnist offers.

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