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Monday, July 24, 2006

Evil Men Repairing Cars

I was an idiot today. I took my car to a shop because my check engine light came on. I waited for 45 minutes before they looked at my car--I didn't mind I had a great history book. The problem: my gas cap wasn't screwed on tight enough. I watched him; literally, "the repair" took 3 minutes.

I thought, I'm not going to say anything; I'm going to give him the opportunity to practice integrity. Let's see what kind of character he has. Here's how it went down:
"That'll be $88"

"Really, what was the problem?" I said.

"Let me check...your fuel line cap needed to be, the distributor was causing evaporation causing a sensor to become active? The engine diagnostic came out fine. It was tightened, your system was checked out, and no further sensors are active."

Integrity test failed.

"88$? Huh. I'll pay the money, but let me tell you what I saw. I saw a man tighten a gas cap. He didn't raise the hood or do any type of engine diagnostic."

"Uh, let me talk to my manager....That'll be $44."

Where are men and women of character? If he would have come out and said, "Listen, you're gas cap was loose. I'll only charge you for the labor," he would have had a loyal, lifetime customer. He didn't.

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