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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flying the Blue Star

Not many words are necessary, nor would their increase more fully express the thoughts of gratitude that I have for the military.

Dating back to our rebellion against the tyranny of kings, under the banner that we each possesses inherent nobility, many brave men and women have fought for liberty and freedom. Some have sacrificed their lives for this cause.

No one likes to die or see death; but we want our country to survive. When these two, deeply held values come into conflict, the bravest among us join the military to hunt down those who threaten our peace. When the choice must be made between our death or our enemies, I'm glad that United States Military is finest and most capable fighting force to have ever walked on Earth.

In a world gone crazy, I can sleep at night because the soldier is watching out for my family. When psychotic Islamicists plan to fly planes into buildings, seek to build nuclear weapons, and believe that with chaos they usher in the end times, I don't fear the day because our military is on the hunt.

Thank you.

You'll notice that I've added the blogroll of like minded individuals under the banner "blue star". The blue star symbolizes those who have loved ones in harm's danger. The blue star is a symbol of love, patience, and hope. It is the symbol of the patriot's greatest love and devotion to America. With this reminder of their absence, will not forget the sacrifice of our nation's families.

I'm thankful for those willing to express their appreciation and proudly display links to their blogs.

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